Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daniel's 32!

I can't believe Daniel is 32! We had a fun birthday party for him. His friend Kirk came over for dinner and then a few of the neighbor kids came in to sing happy birthday and eat cake.

This how Daniel really felt about his party

This is how he smiled after he got "the look" from me. Much better don't you think?

Isaiah and Kirk's dog
Daniel and Kirk


Erica said...

Happy b-day Daniel, we love ya! BTW, great picture of the three of you in your "main" pic.

Bob and Julie said...

Happy birthday Daniel! Stephanie...I seriously come on your page anxiously waiting to see the new pictures you got of Daniel!! He is hilarious with all his faces! You guys are such a fun family!

Nicole said...

That is one hec of a long tongue on that dog!
And, of course, Happy Birthday to Dan.

Bridget said...

Cute blue and brown! Oh, and cute husband and kid too! You're not so bad yourself. Love you!

The Foster Fam said...

Happy Birthday! It is great to see your pictures and see "our" old house and yard...though you have done much more with it than we did--the Outcalts would be so proud! I can't believe our little kids are in Kindergarten, you have such cute pictures, tell Isaiah hello from us and Mae especially.