Thursday, September 11, 2008

Isaiah's Style

I promised myself, and Isaiah, I would only force him to wear what I wanted him to wear the first day of school and on picture day. Today he picked out his own outfit. I have to admit I like his whole style of "not matching." I mean it is the new style right? I still think he looks so cute and I was always a little "different" when it came to style myself. I must say the Superman socks make the outfit.

He was so mad at me for taking a picture of him at school:)


Jessica said...

Great choices he made!! My favorite pics from when I was young are the ones where I dressed myself. WOW, did I have fashion sense. Not.


Christa said...

Very cool how he's expressing himself! The socks really do tie it all together ;)

Lindsey said...

At first I wasn't sure if he picked out the outfit or if you did. It does seem a little like your style from your younger years! I LOVE IT!!! LJO

Bob and Julie said...

I think he looks major DAWG-ish :) I like it!!!! I seriously LOVE his fun and independent spirit. He makes me laugh...I LOVE it!!