Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meat Eater

This post is mainly for the enjoyment of my little sister Monica. When Isaiah was about 18 months old we fed him some steak for dinner one night. This began the many photos of Isaiah devouring meat, apparently he really likes meat. Well Monica, 5 years later and he is still loving it!

Isaiah 18 months eating steak at home

Isaiah 5 years old eating ribs at Local Boys


Mocanoe said...

Thank you!!! Isaiah is such a meat eater and I love love love that picture of him with the steak! It makes me miss those precious days when we lived together! He was and is such a handsome boy even if he is a little too much "boy" right now... :)

Eileen Curran said...

Stephanie I found your blog blog hopping! Isaiah is so cute! You look happy. I hope you're doing well!

bjarnason family said...

My boys love meat too, they always ask for a bone to chew on. Must be a "guy" thing!

cdr said...

I have yet to meet a man that isn't obsessed with meat.