Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little snow

Since I haven't had my camera I didn't get any pictures of the real snow we got here. It only lasted a couple days but Isaiah was out playing in it any chance he had. He was always the last neighbor kid to come in. My friend took a couple pictures for me of the snowman they made. These are Isaiah's friends in our culd-a-sac. We are going to be so sad to move away in six months:( We have been so lucky to have such awesome neighbors. It is exciting to think that graduation is months away! It's also fun not to know where you will be in six months.

This picture was taken with my dying old camera. I think this is the last shot I could get out of it. After it snowed we got a thick layer of ice. Isaiah thought it would be fun to try and walk up a frozen driveway. He flipped forward and scraped his face up. You can't really see it in this picture from my awesome camera but he actually scraped from his chin to his forehead. He came screaming in the house like he had lost a limb. I felt bad for him but after I saw he had no chipped teeth or hanging skin I let him know he needed to calm down. My neighbors can attest to Isaiah's frantic screams of pain. No matter how bad he is hurt he seems to always scream the really loud.

My sister in law is saving me and giving me one of her cameras she doesn't use anymore. I am so excited! Thanks Nicole!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Family Photo

It has been awhile since I have posted. First, I am now officially working full time again and it has been crazy. I still work from home but my work underwent a computer change that has tripled my work load. It will get better but I decided to take advantage of the extra hours so I could get my health care benefits and vacation/sick time benefits back. I have to work an average of 32 hours a week. I know most people work more than that but I am still keeping my number one priority my family so I have to get my hours in early am, while Isaiah is at school, or late night. With the economy the way it is though it sure doesn't hurt to make more money and get more benefits:)

Second, I lost my stinkin' camera! I am so mad. This is the worst time of year to not have a camera plus I really liked my camera. My sister did send the family photo of our reunion though so I wanted to post it. I can't believe how big my family is. So many kids! Plus Debora is expecting another one in June. Family functions are literally requiring a ranch now, which is why our location for the family reunion was perfect.

Original photo

Photo shop version

I like the original:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

There's no place like home

I have been away from home for a week now working. This is the first time that I have had to go away for work and not take Isaiah with me. Now that he is in school he can't leave. I felt so bad leaving but my work is undergoing a huge computer update and I had to come up for training. We are finally going to electronic medical records. Learning a new data base is always so hard but in the end it is going to make my job so much easier....famous last words huh?

Daniel has been super dad at home taking care of it all. He takes Isaiah to school in the morning and then my friend Cami has been bringing him home and watching him until Daniel gets off work. Thank you sooooo much Cami!

Daniel was a little nervous at first at how this was all going to work out. I talked to him the other night and he was actually really glad he had this time with Isaiah. This term has been a killer for him and he really isn't home much, so he hasn't had much dad time with Isaiah.

He told me a cute story about Isaiah. Daniel had gone to the bathroom and noticed there wasn't any toilet paper on the roller. He must of not thought much of it because he didn't replace it. He went in later and noticed that there was toilet paper on the roller and the old cardboard had been discarded. He said to Isaiah, "did you do this." Isaiah, "yes" Daniel, "why?" Isaiah, "because it was empty." Daniel was so proud of him (and of course me being a wife and mother I was quite proud as well). Isaiah was so excited to make his dad proud that that night when he went to bed he said, "Dad, be prepared to be surprised tomorrow with lots of good things." The next morning he came running out of his room saying, "dad, dad, I made my bed all by myself without having to be asked!"

I just love those two so much! I hate being away for so long but I am glad for the time they have together. Isaiah learns things from Daniel that he can never learn from me. He watches and looks up to Daniel so much. At church the other day he had his leg over the other one just like Daniel and was wiggling his foot the same as well. He loves to listen to Daniel play the Cello, (something I can't do:), and he loves watching Dirty Jobs and Man versus Wild with dad. Oh and they both love Little Caesar's Pizza! They both hate wearing ties to church and tucking in their shirts but do it anyway.

I couldn't ask for anyone better for Isaiah to look up to. Life isn't perfect but I am a very lucky person!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christopher's Welcome Party

As many of you may already know my sister Erica and her husband adopted a little boy in August from Kazakhstan. We decided to throw a "welcome party" for him. The party was a lot of fun but very crazy. The only way to truly describe how crazy it was is to show you videos. We have a lot of little boys in our family now with a lot of energy.
(This was my first time making a cupcake cake:)

This was only the beginning.

Isaiah danced a circle around the whole room.

Christopher opening his presents. He was so precious!

There were two more videos of our balloon popping game that wouldn't download because they were too long. I am so sad because they were hilarious!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Oregon Coast in November

Isaiah had two days off of school for Veterans day so we went to the beach with my sister Debora and her family. Daniel had to work and he had school so he didn't come:( I can't believe how nice the weather was! The boys had so much fun playing on the beach.

Uncle Hodge helped them make a drip castle with a moat. He dug so deep that it started to cave in so it really just ended up being a giant whole. That's Jarem waist deep standing in it.

Someone had made this giant maze in the sand. Isaiah and grandpa decided to head down and try it out.

They made it!

Justin, Stephan, and Isaiah at the beginning stages of the castle.

The final product.

The boys running out to get water. That is how Hodge kept them busy so he could work on the castle:)

Going from cold to hot can be tough sometimes but I think Isaiah's face is a little dramatic!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Got Tagged

My good friend Chelsea tagged me a week or so ago and I thought I might finally respond. But first I want to pay a quick tribute to our fun times in Hawaii. She will probably hate this but I had such a blast looking through old photos and remembering the good ole' times! Sorry about the crooked photos I scanned them to my computer and didn't do too well on lining them up. Can you believe this was a time before digital cameras! It was 1999 for crying out loud! Man I'm getting old!

Chels you were totally fun and kept us entertained! I miss you:(

I wish I was the one hiding behind the board. Chelsea was smokin'!

Okay now on to the questions.

8 TV shows I like to watch

  1. The Amazing Race
  2. Survivor
  3. How it's Made
  4. Dancing with the Stars
  5. Samantha Who?
  6. Desperate Housewives (judge all you want:)
  7. The Office
  8. Okay so I occasionally dip into Oprah or Dr. Phil if I'm folding laundry:)

8 Restaurants I like to eat at

  1. The Melting Pot
  2. Chevy's
  3. Block 15
  4. Hogi Yogi
  5. Francesco's (It's a dessert place but I don't care it rocks)

I seriously can't think of anywhere else. Corvallis is lame when it comes to eating out.

8 things that happened today

Okay so today was so mundane. All I can do is tell you my typical day with no significant events. Drove Daniel to work, came home got Isaiah ready for school, drove Isaiah to school, came home worked for 4 hours, did a pilates video, went for a jog in the cold rain, picked Isaiah up from school, picked Daniel up from work, said goodbye to Daniel as he left to study, did homework with Isaiah, fed Isaiah dinner, put Isaiah to bed, read some of my book, watched Dancing with the Stars results, read some more of my book, took a trip down memory lane with photos, and here I am. Boring huh?

8 things I am looking forward to

  1. My new adopted nephew's welcome party
  2. Daniel graduating
  3. oodles of children
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Christmas
  6. Daniel coming home from studying
  7. Taco Tuesday
  8. Sister's weekend in Bend

8 things on my wish list

  1. oodles of children
  2. A real family vacation
  3. A second honeymoon
  4. A road bike
  5. A long life with my husband
  6. Daniel and I being sealed to Isaiah
  7. A job offer for Daniel (hopefully soon)
  8. To get my running muscles back (totally let myself get out of shape)

8 People I tag

  1. Nicole
  2. Lindsey
  3. Monica
  4. Bridget
  5. Julie
  6. Crystal
  7. Lexi
  8. Cami

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Belated Halloween Post

Halloween was a little different for us this year. I had my niece and nephew with us until early afternoon and then Isaiah had to go to his dad's house that evening:( We were able to go downtown Corvallis and trick or treat in the stores, but we didn't have time to go treat for treating like we usually do. We were sad about that because Isaiah enjoys that much more than trick or treating. If we tried to go during the day we would have missed everyone anyway so what do you do? Isaiah didn't want to dress up alone so last minute Daniel and I rummaged through our costume box. Daniel ended up being Mr. Potato head and I was, well you can see...

I thought Isaiah looked pretty funny in his costume. I was super lame this year and didn't do anything creative. In fact this is a borrowed costume from Isaiah's cousin Connor. I just didn't think I could beat Daniel's work on last years costume. Hopefully I will do better next year.
Isaiah's costume from last year.
Mr. Potato Head and Spiderman.

Spiderman and his guilty conscious.

Mr. Potato Head and his guilty conscious.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Doesn't this look like a spider that you don't want hanging around your house? Well we have two of them! This one is outside my garage door in the back yard. If you don't duck you will get web all over you. Daniel thinks they are pretty?!?!? I have to admit that when we took the pictures, and could see all the details and hairs, it's looks really cool....but it still makes me cringe. I mean just imagine that thing crawling on you! Daniel doesn't want to knock the webs down because he says they catch all the other annoying bugs flying around. The only reason I have agreed to it is because if they are on their webs, then I know they aren't in my house! You keep your friends close and your enemies closer right?

This is the one outside my kitchen window. What should I name him/her? Does anyone know how you can tell the sex of a spider? Maybe I will read up on them.

I thought this was a cool shot. It looks like the spider is on my camera lens.

Now moving on to pumpkin carving
Seriously these two crack me up.

Isaiah's design, Daniels work. Great pair.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If Obama becomes President

For those of you who think I am going to get all political on you and share my views, don't worry I'm not. I just have a funny story to tell about how Isaiah will know Obama if he became President of the United States.

Now that it is getting colder outside Isaiah and I take Daniel to work in the morning since we only have one car. I like to listen to NPR. Evidently Isaiah listens as well because when he heard the name Obama he said, "Mom that's you!"

Daniel calls me Mama Obama all time.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This year I took Isaiah on a impromptu pumpkin patch trip. I had gone to Hillsboro to throw a baby shower for a friend, and my sister Michele asked if I wanted to go with her and her kids. I decided that would be fun and I ended up taking all of my sister Lindsey's kids with me as well.

From left to right: Tanner, Isaiah, Connor, Dallen, Emma, Bailey, and little Jeffery front and center.

He's such a cutie

These two are peas in a pod

He is so me!

Isaiah's smile is very fake here. He was scared to death to go on this train ride. The train takes you to the pumpkin patch and it passes through a very short, decorated tunnel. He thought for sure something was going to jump out at you. I think some of his cousins knew he was scared so they told him that to scare him even more. Even though Isaiah is an only child for now, he still gets doses of what other siblings are like through his cousins.

My beautiful sister Michele!

I am somehow notorious for snapping these photos with out realizing it until later.
(Notice the "keep off" sign)

I told the kids they could take home any pumpkin they could carry back themselves. Tanner actually carried this thing all the way back to the boat!
Isaiah rolled this thing all the way over to me only to get my disapproval. I finally gave in and got a wheel barrel.
Jeffery kept it small and simple. It was getting close to nap time so he was happy as a clam sitting on that pumpkin.
This is the boat we took back to the farm.
When it was time to go Emma turned into a witch. She was TIRED. She wanted to hold the kittens, she wanted to ride the train again, she wanted to play on the hay. When we passed by the popcorn stand she wanted popcorn. I told her no, and this sent her into a crying fit. I noticed they were handing out samples so I offered her some. She said, "I want a bag." I just laughed because she really is such a sweet girl, but man if she is tired she turns into a pill. I started walking towards the van and I looked back to see she had accepted the sample size offer and was happily stuffing her face as she walked toward the van. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot I looked back to find Emma fast asleep with the cup suctioned to her chin. I had to pull over and snap a picture. The boys and I had a good laugh.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Story Time!

Daniel and I had another weekend alone together. Again we had a great time. Friday night after dropping Isaiah off with his bio dad, as I like to refer to him, we went to the temple. Afterwards we went to get a bite to eat at Stanford's. That whole night we kept running into people doing strange things and we couldn't help but laugh at the things we wanted to say or do to these people. I will give you one scenario. At Stanford's we sat in a booth in the back of the restaurant. There was a man and woman eating in the booth beside us. The woman's back was to us but I could see the man. He spent the entire dinner dumping on this poor lady. Most of it had to do with his ex-wife and how she left him with a huge amount of debt. He kept saying how he is in this huge pit and trying to claw his way out. He went on and on the entire time and of course he was using horrible language. I wanted so badly to walk over to him, get real close to his face, and say, "waa, waa, waa." As they were walking out Daniel was just starting to say, "maybe it's his sister." Right after he said that the man proceeded to slap the woman on her rear, to which Daniel said, "Oh, she is most definitely not." I just hope that lady gets a brain and gets away from that guy. Anyway....

Later that night I was in a lot of pain. I figured these are the reasons: 1. I had stayed up until 4am working two nights before, 2. I have been a major slacker in the exercising department. The day before I decided to go all out at the gym. I did 45 minute cardio and then my "Jessica Simpson" workout. It's the work out she did to get into shape for Dukes of Hazard and it's major kick butt. Needless to say I could hardly walk the next day. Well lucky me Daniel offered to give me an hour massage. What a sweetheart huh? Well this put us to bed way late. Daniel had to get up at 6am to go into work. When he woke up it was dark outside, so of course he had to turn on some sort of light. Daniel is also not known for quietly opening or shutting drawers and doors when he gets up early. Well it woke me up and man was I a grump. Later when I really woke up I immediately called Daniel and apologized for being so grumpy. I mean come on, the guy just gave you an hour massage the night before when he knew he had to get up early for work. Thankfully he wasn't mad at me:)

Daniel asked me to meet him for lunch that day. We were both irritated we were working on Saturday but we tried to make the best of it. Well Daniel had taken the car that morning so I had to catch the bus to meet him downtown at his work. I missed the bus by 4 minutes and the next one didn't come for 30 minutes. Well since I haven't been working out as much I decided this could be an opportunity to get some exercise in. I thought I could probably make it the 4 miles to Daniel's work before the next bus could get me there. As I started walking towards town the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should run home real quick and change my shoes. I was wearing Birk's with no socks. I decided to just go because now, in my mind, this was a race to beat the bus and going back home would take too much time. I felt fine for a few blocks. At a mile I starting getting really hot so I took off my jacket but it didn't help much because I was wearing a sweater underneath. At mile two my feet were killing me! At this point I was scolding myself for being so stupid and trying to walk this far in those shoes. At mile three I came upon a bus stop and thought I had gone far enough, and I was going to take the bus the rest of the way. I got into my purse to get out my OSU i.d. which gets me on the bus for free and it wasn't there. Well I wasn't going to pay when I knew I could ride for free so I continued to walk. Once I hit downtown my feet were numb. I'm a major people watcher so this distracted me. Just the day before Daniel decided to teach Isaiah about bums. When he said the word "bums" Isaiah giggled so Daniel changed the word to transients. I thought that was better anyway. Corvallis has quite a few transients for some reason. The first one I came upon was a very dark man, wearing all black clothes, and pushing a baby stroller with all his stuff in it. When I passed him he was smiling and seemed quite pleasant. As I came up to the transit station I was walking behind another transient. He pulled out a cigarette and lit up. He noticed I was behind him and stepped to the side and said, "sorry about the smoke," as he let me pass. I was so impressed. I don't think I have ever come across a single smoker who has ever cared one bit about blowing smoke in every one's faces. The last guy I saw was taking a nice nap in Corvallis' Central Park. It was a nice day and he seemed quite cozy. At this point I was now near campus and came upon the college students. All I saw were tight jeans, mini skirts (I know, like it's that warm out), and I heard a lot of foul language. So by the end of this walk I had huge blisters on the pads of my feet and a new appreciation for the transients of Corvallis.

That night Daniel and I went bowling at Corvallis' very out of date Highland Bowl. I'm not kidding this place is ancient looking. We encountered another interesting man. This was a dad bowling with his teenage looking boy and girl. This guy was intense. He would line up and get his perfect form. In his follow through he would kick his back leg all the way up in the air and to the side. This guy was like 6'5" and his arms extended below his knees. If he didn't knock down all the pins he would basically throw a fit. His daughter tried calming him down the entire time. I told Daniel I wasn't bowling when he went up in fear he might attack me. Anyway here are some pics of our night.

My form. Not so great.
Great follow through.
Daniel told me he hates the "awkward" walk back after bowling. I don't know what he's talking about. I usually take that opportunity to dance my way back:)

I'm not a big bowler but I might consider purchasing shoes. I feel so gross every time I have to put on those shoes that you know a million people have worn.

Can you believe that score?