Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little snow

Since I haven't had my camera I didn't get any pictures of the real snow we got here. It only lasted a couple days but Isaiah was out playing in it any chance he had. He was always the last neighbor kid to come in. My friend took a couple pictures for me of the snowman they made. These are Isaiah's friends in our culd-a-sac. We are going to be so sad to move away in six months:( We have been so lucky to have such awesome neighbors. It is exciting to think that graduation is months away! It's also fun not to know where you will be in six months.

This picture was taken with my dying old camera. I think this is the last shot I could get out of it. After it snowed we got a thick layer of ice. Isaiah thought it would be fun to try and walk up a frozen driveway. He flipped forward and scraped his face up. You can't really see it in this picture from my awesome camera but he actually scraped from his chin to his forehead. He came screaming in the house like he had lost a limb. I felt bad for him but after I saw he had no chipped teeth or hanging skin I let him know he needed to calm down. My neighbors can attest to Isaiah's frantic screams of pain. No matter how bad he is hurt he seems to always scream the really loud.

My sister in law is saving me and giving me one of her cameras she doesn't use anymore. I am so excited! Thanks Nicole!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Family Photo

It has been awhile since I have posted. First, I am now officially working full time again and it has been crazy. I still work from home but my work underwent a computer change that has tripled my work load. It will get better but I decided to take advantage of the extra hours so I could get my health care benefits and vacation/sick time benefits back. I have to work an average of 32 hours a week. I know most people work more than that but I am still keeping my number one priority my family so I have to get my hours in early am, while Isaiah is at school, or late night. With the economy the way it is though it sure doesn't hurt to make more money and get more benefits:)

Second, I lost my stinkin' camera! I am so mad. This is the worst time of year to not have a camera plus I really liked my camera. My sister did send the family photo of our reunion though so I wanted to post it. I can't believe how big my family is. So many kids! Plus Debora is expecting another one in June. Family functions are literally requiring a ranch now, which is why our location for the family reunion was perfect.

Original photo

Photo shop version

I like the original:)