Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Things have been a little stressful around here lately. About two or three months ago my boss called and offered me a promotion. This would require me to be working at the office which meant a move for us. After many discussions with Daniel and much prayer, we decided it would be a smart thing to do given the economy right now and Daniel's line of work. I had a meeting with my boss and a few other people about a month ago to discuss the changes that would be ahead. I had until after spring break to find a place to live in Forest Grove or Hillsboro and then I would start training. My house hunting was very slow. For some reason I couldn't decide on a location. Daniel came home last week with news from his boss that he was being moved to the project in Corvallis that he was originally hired to do. I should have been excited about this news because Daniel has been commuting two hours each day and we were both getting very tired of it, but my promotion ruined that for me. The stress of this all was a little too much for me so we decided to head out to the coast for some R&R while we contemplated our options. We both decided that I would turn down the promotion and stay here. The other options would be too taxing on our family life and not worth pay offs. Now that the decision is made I am happy because I do love Corvallis.

I haven't posted in a long time and I am tired of seeing my Christmas post on there......but now I am adding more:) We did so many fun things and I got too busy after the Holidays to post them so I am going to do that now.

Every year the "Vrtiska" side of our family celebrates Christmas with a service project and family dinner. My sister Erica hosted it and we had a blast. Santa comes and all the kids get to sit on his lap and receive a present. Santa is actually Grandpa but some of the younger kids are still fooled. Santa as a bell he rings and says "HO HO HO" A LOT! He makes the night so fun. I am sad that I didn't take any pictures of Santa this year.

For our service project this year we made Holiday signs to give away. My amazing sister Bridget organized it all and we had a great time making them together.

I had to add these pictures of my sweet nieces Alex and Lauren. They are so excited when their aunties come over. They make you feel like a Rock Star. They're adorable!

Isaiah was thrilled to sit at the little, little kids table. The Little kids table was full. I love how Jeffrey is looking at Isaiah in this picture. He really adores Isaiah. Last time we went to visit them his mom said, "Isaiah's coming to visit today."

Jeffrey:"I LOVE Isaiah!"

When we showed up Jeffrey followed Isaiah around the whole time mimicking everything he did. Very cute.

The "Dewey" side of our family got together at the coast house for a little celebrating. It was a really fun weekend and it was nice to see family that we don't always get to see.

Isaiah very excited to open his first present this Holiday season.

Grandma Dewey's toys are always a big hit for the kids. The new toys that trip were Gormiti's. We ended up getting Isaiah some for Christmas. Isaiah was talking to Grandma Dewey the other day on the phone and they were comparing their Gormiti's. Each of them have different powers and some are bigger than others so Isaiah was trying to figure out if his army was more powerful than grandma's.

Christmas bells are one of my favorite things. I wanted to purchase some this year but just about died when I saw the price. I called my MIL and asked her if she owned any. Of course she did and I asked her to bring them when she came. It was so cute and fun to watch the kids, and Grandma, create some festive music.

This guy won the cute prize. He was so fun to watch. He only had one note but he took it very seriously. His face was very serious watching for grandma to point to him and when she did he would brighten up, ring his bell, and then he would lower his eyes down and smile shyly. It was adorable.

Grandpa tried hard but it's really hard to get a picture out of Isaiah anymore.

Now back to the Vrtiska's we go for a New Year's celebration.

We love to eat in my family.

My nieces brought over their Guitar Hero. My niece Ashley above is AMAZING at guitar. She plays expert and rarely misses a note.

Grandpa really got into it and decided to pull out all of his cowboy hats.

Seriously, who holds drum sticks like that? Absolutely NO skills whatsoever in the drumming world. I did provide entertainment for my two sisters watching and laughing at me though!

After our New Year celebration we headed off to Bend to visit my sister Debora's family. Above the boys are in their "ninja" clothes, as they like to call them. We were heading up to the mountain to go tubing.

from left to right: Justin, Stephan, Isaiah, and Jarom. They were so excited.

Isaiah could hardly contain himself. It was a little weird for me this year because Isaiah is getting older and so are his cousins. The boys went up and down the mountain all on their own.

There's nothing like sitting in the hot tub in the snow.