Thursday, May 20, 2010

Camera's Back!

I am so glad to have my camera back! I found that I didn't take as many pictures as I had thought on Easter. It was a great weekend in Bend. We stopped at Foster Lake on our way. Daniel was pretty adamant about finding a new place to fish along the way and Isaiah agreed. As you can see by the gray clouds in the background, I wasn't too excited to get out and fish. It did turn out to be a success however, and I was glad we stopped.

I tried to get Isaiah to keep his coat on but as you can see it found a place on the rocks beside him. (Others who have boys may agree with me. I have decided that coats are something boys drag along with them because their mothers insist. They don't quite understand why they have them but they know the sooner they take the coat the faster they can get out the door. Poor coat however, rarely gets to fulfill it's purpose. They are merely drug along only to be plopped on the ground at the destination of boy. In many sad cases coat is left on playground, bus, or park bench of the last destination of boy, many times never to be seen again by family).

You cannot see the wind in the pictures but it was blowing. My hands were freezing (I was fishing myself. I never want to stop but as soon as I am out there my competitive side overtakes me. It is me against the fish. I have not caught one yet, but I know that once I do I will feel more guilt than victorious, but this still does not stop me from trying).
I decided I was cold enough and I told everyone they had one more cast. Then we heard, "I got one dad, I got one!" I did not react right away. We hear this many times while fishing. Isaiah feels a tug and thinks he has caught a fish. We rush over, camera ready, net ready, only to find he has snagged the bottom of the lake, river, stream, etc. This time he really did have one! We were so excited for him. I didn't make it over in time to get a picture of the fish. Isaiah was holding it and it squirmed out of his hands and back to freedom. It was a successful stop, cold weather and all.

Pink cheeked boys waiting patiently for Jarem to get some eggs before they darted off. There was still snow on the ground in Bend.

There off!

Thanks Debora for always being such a great host. We love coming to visit!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I played basketball until about 10:30 tonight and now I can't sleep. We have such a fun group of girls that get together and play basketball at the church every Tuesday night. I have had a blast playing with them. Tonight only 7 girls showed up but six of us were from second ward so we were pretty impressed with ourselves. I LOVE basketball and I love getting the extra exercise but I really look forward to the laughs and fun we have. It makes me feel like I am 16 again. It only takes me a few times up and down the court to remind me that I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT!!

I am so bummed I am not able to post my Easter pictures. We went to my sisters house in Bend for Easter and GC weekend. We had such a good time. My sister and I planned this nice great meal for Sunday. Daniel and Hodge put on fun Easter egg hunts for the kids in the back yard. They still have snow over there so we stayed close to home. Anyway I bought this nice $50 organic ham and made one of my favorite desserts. It's a mint ice cream pie with Oreo cookie crust. Yum! I didn't get to enjoy any of it! Sunday morning we were all watching General Conference and I started to feel a little sick. I made it through the whole session but immediately got in bed after that. I slept on and off, only waking up when I felt like I was going to vomit but never could. That is the worst state of sick to me. Just feeling like crud waiting to throw up and get it over with. Well about 6 or 7 hours later I still hadn't thrown up. I did wake up every now and then to hear the happy voices of everyone enjoying Easter dinner. I was so bummed to have missed out. Then it came time to go. I still felt bad and still hadn't thrown up. Daniel came in to ask what I needed him to pack. I am a horrible sick person. When I feel like that all I want to do is lye there and NOT MOVE, and now Daniel is expecting me to get in the car and drive for 3 hours! Seriously though what other option did we have? Daniel packed our things, and gathered "just in case she throws up materials" for the road. It consisted of two gallon zip lock bags and paper towels. I'm sorry if I am disgusting anyone here. Now here I am sick AND grumpy headed for home. About 30 minutes down the road it came. I told Daniel to pull over but thankfully we had the zip lock bags because our car floor would have been toast. I hate throwing up but even worse I hate throwing up when people can see or hear me. Apparently I don't mind blogging about it though. Well I felt much better afterwards but we still had two and half hours to go.
When we got to the pass there was snow, which would slow us down at least another half hour. Then we come across this SUV facing toward us on our side of the road in the ditch. At least two cars passed by in front of us and possibly more before that. I couldn't believe no one was stopping! Daniel and I pulled over to see what we could do, well what he could do since I was basically lifeless in the passenger seat. It was a young mom with a toddler. To make a long story short, with the assistance of another man with a big truck and a tow, they got her out of there. I was glad we could help but man was I glad to get home. What should have been a 3 hour trip tops, ended up taking 5 hours.
Oh yeah back to why I don't have any pictures. Daniel forgot to pack our camera when we left Bend so it's his fault:)

Well I guess I will try and get some sleep now. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!