Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Reminder

I'm sure I am not the only mom that can say that I sometimes get so caught up in the every day tasks that I forget we are supposed to "enjoy the journey." There are many dreaded mornings of the daily rush off to school. Waking up, showering if needed (for the kid:), getting dressed, getting breakfast, packing lunch, brushing teeth, and doing this all in a timely matter. Sometimes my timeline does not always work for Isaiah. He has become so much more responsible this year but I still find myself saying, "you need to hurry," or "you're going to be late." This morning was a good example of that. Isaiah woke up and it was a shower morning. He did not want to shower. He had scraped his back the day before and he was afraid it was going to sting when hit by the water. I assured him it may sting for a moment but then it would be fine, "and regardless of how it feels, your taking a shower!" (what a mean mom huh?) After a very short shower, that I am sure didn't wash away a single germ, Isaiah proceeded to his room to dress while I made breakfast. By this time I was beginning to get frustrated. Five minutes later, "Isaiah you need to hurry up." Seven minutes later, "Isaiah your breakfast is ready." Ten minutes later, "Isaiah you have had enough time to get dressed now get in here and eat your breakfast!" Very shortly after that in walks Isaiah looking like this.

He said, "It looks like there is a chance of rain and this is my rain cap!"
My heart instantly melted and I had to smile/laugh. This little moment in our day reminded me that I need to take joy in the fun things kids bring into our lives. Their imaginations, their ability to slow down and enjoy the little things. When all was said and done Isaiah was ready for school with time to spare. He may have done things slower than I would want them done but sometimes when we slow down we don't miss the important things in our lives. I just needed this little reminder to slow down and I thought I would put this post out there just by chance that someone else may as well.
I went through my pictures and found some of my favorites that each tell a different story. Isaiah is usually very good at bringing a smile to my face. He makes me laugh and I love him so much for that.

I can't look at this picture and not laugh. I think of Napoleon Dynamite every time. We were just getting ready to do a service project at church and Isaiah chose to strike this pose for the camera.

He loves his cross eyes....it gives me a headache just looking at them.

More swim cap humor.

And my sweet sisters would say, "He gets those from his momma!" :)

This is what Optimus Prime looks like in his underwear.

This one brings me back to my childhood. My sisters and I loved putting olives on our fingers and pretending we were witches.

He seriously thought he could roast this marshmallow in front of a gas fireplace. Too cute!

More cross eyes but now with the tight lips and hands on the hips.

Dad's hat, mom's glasses, apple in the hand, and sucker in the mouth, and....awesome speedos kiddo!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The other day Isaiah and is friend were outside playing. I was inside and heard a whole lot of, "you have bigger stuff," and "you have more bombs," so I decided to go out and take a look. I was instantly brought back to my childhood. My sisters and cousins and I loved playing make believe of any kind. It was mostly cops an robbers but we occasionally set up for war. The fun part was the setting up of our barricades. We usually never got around to the actual 'war' part of it. I found this same thing to be true for Isaiah and his friend. They spent at least an hour setting up and going over the rules and when all was said and done, they moved on to something new.

Isaiah thought he had a pretty good set up.

The next night I pulled out some of my fall decorations. I wasn't planning on decorating for Halloween yet since it is over a month away but all of a sudden all the neighbor kids were at my door asking if they could help decorate for Halloween. I figured the more help the merrier so why not. We are just going to look like a family that really looks forward to Halloween.

I was really hoping they wouldn't find the webs because they make such a mess when it rains. I'm pretty sure those are going to mysteriously disappear in the next few days.

Isaiah got some glow in the dark planets for his birthday and he has been dying to hang them up. This is how the whole decorating thing got started.

The kids originally came in stating they wanted to help but very quickly were distracted by playing.
On another note Daniel turned 33 on Sunday! We had a quiet little celebration for him.
Always goofing around!
He only wanted one candle.

After church Daniel wanted to go hiking up at Chip Ross Park. I was so bummed that I forgot my camera on the hike because the views from the top are gorgeous!
Isaiah's gift to Daniel. He was so excited because he went to the bank and took out his own money from his account to buy Daniel his gift.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Isaiahs's 7th Birthday

I can't believe Isaiah is 7! He has grown in so many ways this year. It has been a great year!

Isaiah's birthday was last Tuesday. We celebrated on Monday because it was Labor Day and Daniel had the day off. We invited our friends the Hales over for Family Home Evening and cake and ice cream.
Isaiah always gets a little shy when he is the center of attention. Unfortunately he inherited that from his mother.

All smiles here though!

I think his face says it all! He was so excited to get a pocket knife. We were leaving to go to Crater Lake that week and he couldn't wait to put it to good use!

He listened very intently as he got his safety instructions from dad.

And then repeated them back to dad. (something we have to have him do a lot lately to make sure he is really listening:)

Another cool tool from dad, a monocular.

Daniel got Isaiah the book "The Call of the Wild," by Jack London, from the Book Bin. It was fun for them to read it in the tent at night while camping.

Tuesday was Isaiah's actual birthday. He got to eat Lucky Charms while watcing cartoons. He was very happy about that!

Isaiah is such a good boy with a kind heart. I feel so blessed to be his mother and to help and watch him grow.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Fruitful Day

My sister Monica, Isaiah and I went to Jossy Farms to pick peaches for canning. I love this farm! The scenery is beautiful and the fruit is Delicious.
Our empty carts and wagons...but not for long.
Isaiah loves when we go pick fruit of any kind. He is always so helpful and usually wants to pick longer than I do. This year he had a little problem with the bees and spent more time fretting about them than actually picking peaches.

We still managed to get 60lbs of peaches in about a half hour though!

He is my little cheezer!
We just couldn't wait to dig in!

I had one of these tires in my Kindergarten class and I loved hiding on the inside.

Of course Monica told him to kiss his muscles. She's the silly aunt.

I wanted a picture of the beautiful garden and Isaiah decided to jump in.

Later that day we went to another farm to pick Italian prunes. These were for free though so that was an added bonus. I had to snap these pictures because this is the dream home I want. A modest home on a nice piece of land.

A perfect place for kids to run free.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hood to Coast

Last weekend I ran Hood to Coast. This was my fourth time and definitely one of my favorites.
If you don't know what Hood to Coast is all about click here.
I was lucky enough to be in Van 1, which I think is the best way to go. We did have a 7am start time which meant getting up at 4am and driving to Timberline, but I still think it is better than Van 2. I love being the leg that gets to start out on the mountain and also be at the beach at the end. It was a beautiful morning and so much fun.

These were the people I ran with. Here we are ready for our first run at 7am! As you can see there are seven people but only six legs per van. We did a little improvising because one of the guys didn't think he was going to be able to do all his legs. This left less room in the SUV but was well worth it. We seriously had a great group of people!

I love when I get to do things like this with my sisters. My sister Lindsey is in the middle and her friend Nedra is on the right. The team was put together by Nedra. She is 51 years old and she has done HTC for the last 14 years and has had seven children! I am so impressed by this lady.

You see and use so many honey buckets along the way. Surprisingly enough they are the cleanest and least foul smelling ones I have ever encountered.

We were a little late getting to my first exchange I had to rush in to use the "restroom." I didn't even know my sister snapped this shot until later.

I ended up making my runner wait, but only a few seconds.

You've gotta love it when you are huffing and puffing, sweating and tired, and your van pulls up next to you hootin' and hollerin' and wanting to talk to you and snap pictures. It does give you that little bit of adrenaline to keep on going.

Van 1 and Van 2 at the end of my first leg and the first checkpoint of the race.

A picture of us and are "legs"

We seriously didn't mean to match! I love my sister. She has four small kids and is just amazing!

Lindsey got to run along the water front and out of Portland. I love Portland and I love this picture of her running with the cool buildings in the background.

Here we are ready for our second runs at 5pm that same day.

This isn't a very good picture and no one reading this blog will know this guy but he had us all laughing on this leg of his race. From 6pm to 7am you are required to wear a reflective vest and carry a flashlight. Most runners have these real sleek looking runner's vests. John pulled out his full on construction vest and had us rolling. We could see him coming from a mile away! To add to it he just moved to Gooding, Idaho, a very small town where my husband is from. He said that this was the only vest he could find. Daniel thought that was pretty funny.

Here we are at 3am getting ready for our 3rd leg. I didn't end up running until 7am since I was the last leg in my van but once one person is up everyone is up.

Finally we are done and driving the rest of the way to Seaside to greet Van 2 when they finish.

A shower and food never felt better. Our team name was "runs in the family." Love the legs hanging out the back of our vans.

197 miles! Pretty cool.