Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Fruitful Day

My sister Monica, Isaiah and I went to Jossy Farms to pick peaches for canning. I love this farm! The scenery is beautiful and the fruit is Delicious.
Our empty carts and wagons...but not for long.
Isaiah loves when we go pick fruit of any kind. He is always so helpful and usually wants to pick longer than I do. This year he had a little problem with the bees and spent more time fretting about them than actually picking peaches.

We still managed to get 60lbs of peaches in about a half hour though!

He is my little cheezer!
We just couldn't wait to dig in!

I had one of these tires in my Kindergarten class and I loved hiding on the inside.

Of course Monica told him to kiss his muscles. She's the silly aunt.

I wanted a picture of the beautiful garden and Isaiah decided to jump in.

Later that day we went to another farm to pick Italian prunes. These were for free though so that was an added bonus. I had to snap these pictures because this is the dream home I want. A modest home on a nice piece of land.

A perfect place for kids to run free.


nicole said...

That's where we got our peaches, too. Although, you guys way out-picked us! Love that place.

clintandleximorgan said...

soo cool! love to go next year with you to pick peaches!! We just love canned peaches!