Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Reminder

I'm sure I am not the only mom that can say that I sometimes get so caught up in the every day tasks that I forget we are supposed to "enjoy the journey." There are many dreaded mornings of the daily rush off to school. Waking up, showering if needed (for the kid:), getting dressed, getting breakfast, packing lunch, brushing teeth, and doing this all in a timely matter. Sometimes my timeline does not always work for Isaiah. He has become so much more responsible this year but I still find myself saying, "you need to hurry," or "you're going to be late." This morning was a good example of that. Isaiah woke up and it was a shower morning. He did not want to shower. He had scraped his back the day before and he was afraid it was going to sting when hit by the water. I assured him it may sting for a moment but then it would be fine, "and regardless of how it feels, your taking a shower!" (what a mean mom huh?) After a very short shower, that I am sure didn't wash away a single germ, Isaiah proceeded to his room to dress while I made breakfast. By this time I was beginning to get frustrated. Five minutes later, "Isaiah you need to hurry up." Seven minutes later, "Isaiah your breakfast is ready." Ten minutes later, "Isaiah you have had enough time to get dressed now get in here and eat your breakfast!" Very shortly after that in walks Isaiah looking like this.

He said, "It looks like there is a chance of rain and this is my rain cap!"
My heart instantly melted and I had to smile/laugh. This little moment in our day reminded me that I need to take joy in the fun things kids bring into our lives. Their imaginations, their ability to slow down and enjoy the little things. When all was said and done Isaiah was ready for school with time to spare. He may have done things slower than I would want them done but sometimes when we slow down we don't miss the important things in our lives. I just needed this little reminder to slow down and I thought I would put this post out there just by chance that someone else may as well.
I went through my pictures and found some of my favorites that each tell a different story. Isaiah is usually very good at bringing a smile to my face. He makes me laugh and I love him so much for that.

I can't look at this picture and not laugh. I think of Napoleon Dynamite every time. We were just getting ready to do a service project at church and Isaiah chose to strike this pose for the camera.

He loves his cross eyes....it gives me a headache just looking at them.

More swim cap humor.

And my sweet sisters would say, "He gets those from his momma!" :)

This is what Optimus Prime looks like in his underwear.

This one brings me back to my childhood. My sisters and I loved putting olives on our fingers and pretending we were witches.

He seriously thought he could roast this marshmallow in front of a gas fireplace. Too cute!

More cross eyes but now with the tight lips and hands on the hips.

Dad's hat, mom's glasses, apple in the hand, and sucker in the mouth, and....awesome speedos kiddo!


Jessica Duff said...

So cute. Kids are so great!!!

Daniel and Monica Long said...

Makes me smile and laugh because Isaiah is SO animated. I love that about him. He has always done things to make us laugh... from eating a steak off a fork to "runnin my hands through his fro".... Memories!

Bob and Julie said...

That Isaiah is one seriously cute kiddo!! Thanks for putting so many fun pictures of him up. I needed this cute post. He brought a smile to my face too. I think the underwear one...well...he just might not like you in a few years for posting it..but...hey...that was dang funny! You are so blessed!!