Friday, October 16, 2009

Crater Lake

We were very pleased to see that Crater Lake was still as beautiful as we had remembered!

We did however find that our favorite campsite was full. We like Lost Creek campsite. It only has 16 sites but it is so quiet and secluded. We usually wait to go to Crater Lake until the season is closed. This year due to Daniel's new job we had to go earlier, meaning more crowded. We went up to Mazama Village which houses tents and RV's. Daniel and I were irritated because we were both looking forward to our campsite.
We even had traffic this year getting around Crater Lake!
We vacationed this year with my little sister Monica and her hubby Daniel. They just got married in May. Daniel (Monica's husband), is such a ham and makes me laugh all the time, so does Daniel (my husband:). Monica and I have resorted to just saying my husband or your husband, or my Dan or your Dan.
Isaiah was super excited to use his new pocket knife. He started sharpening sticks as soon as we got there.
He's so proud of his sharpened stick.
I like to go hiking. Daniel does as well but never on the marked paths. The first year we went to Crater Lake we all went hiking down the side of the mountain. Daniel and Isaiah went again this year. I opted out. The first year was enough for me!
I was happy when they were back. I'm a worrier:)
The view behind our campsite.
We knew some people were leaving Lost Creek the next day so we convinced Monica and Daniel to get up the next day and move. We were able to get our same spot that we loved last year so it was worth it.
After breakfast we headed down to the Lake to fish. Daniel saw all the cars in the parking lot and was convinced our secret spot was taken.
Pictures on our way down.
Daniel and Isaiah were both in a hurry to start fishing so they don't look too thrilled here:)
Just a few more yards to go.
Our spot wasn't taken! I always tease Daniel that he is the only one that ever catches fish because he hogs the best spot every year.

Monica fishing.
Her Daniel fishing.
Isaiah fishing.
Stephanie fishing.
Guess who caught the fish? Yep, my Daniel:)
After a long day of fishing we got cleaned up and warmed up and ate some yummy fish.
Isaiah all tucked in.
He was so tired every night he was asking to go in the tent so he could go to sleep! He never would do that at home.


Daniel and Monica Long said...

That was so much fun! But MY Dan caught one itty bitty fish... don't forget! It caught all our crawdads!!!

Erica said...

I guess you posted this a long time ago; I've been bad about reading blogs these days :( Looks like you guys are doing great. I'm totally jealous of your camping trips, I hope someday we can start doing that again! Hope to see you guys soon.