Friday, December 4, 2009


It's been awhile since I have updated my blog but a lot has been going on. I will give a quick run down. We have definitely been busy and we have had some good, great, and not so great times. Now of course I am only going to blog about the good and great unless by special request someone wants to hear about the not so great:)

I will share one really bad moment. Halloween. What a bummer it was. I love Halloween here in Corvallis. We bake treats and go see friends, we get all dressed up and go trick or treating downtown, and we make a special stop by my Aunt Roxanne's house to get some disgusting, (in both taste and sight), candy eyeballs. Well a few days before Halloween Isaiah came down with swine flu. It was horrible. High temp, head ache, body ache, and just overall feeling bad. He handled it so well as he does every time he gets sick. Just a few days later I came down with it. After getting it and being in the thick of it I couldn't believe how tough Isaiah was. I felt horrible! I kept thinking the whole time, 'This is why I thank Heavenly Father for a healthy body and this is why I always ask to be healthy and strong.' I HATE being sick in any way, shape, or form. Needless to say Halloween was cancelled for us this year. Since Isaiah was feeling better he and Daniel passed candy out but that was as far as it went. I kept thinking as Isaiah would hand out the candy, 'Happy Halloween, enjoy the swine flu you might get from taking our candy!' I was too miserable to protest.

Now November. My moms 65th birthday was on November 15th and we invited her down to our house for a little party. My parents crack me up. I remember when they turned 55 and they were so excited for their senior citizen discount. Now that they are 65 they are so excited for Medicare, and in a year retirement.

I made my mom a special "cake" since she swore off treats over, I don't know 30 years ago or something like that. It was sugar free raspberry jello with cool whip topping and as you can see,raspberries for garnish. It was actually pretty good and I think she enjoyed her weekend here. I know Isaiah did. He loves his grandparents so much and gets very excited when they come to visit. I am so grateful to have parents who take the time to make their grandchildren feel special and loved. I know this is something I didn't have growing up and I'm glad that Isaiah does.

We have a really fun toy store here in Corvallis called the Toy Factory. They have really cool toys, books, and games and I love it because they always have toys out for kids to "test" while parents shop around. The game of the weekend was Labyrinth. I love it because I love mazes. My dad got into it as well which was pretty fun because last time they visited we played Clue and he seriously had NO CLUE. Isaiah did a really good job. At first we modified how he could play to give him an advantage but it made it way too easy for him so we decided he was old enough to play the real way:) Daniel, of course, beats me every time we play, just like in Blokus. I always thought I was a good strategist. Apparently not as good as him. I do recommend this game to those out there that enjoy games. It's very versatile meaning you can play it with your adult people or your little people.

At the beginning of November I threw my sweet friend Ivy a baby shower. I love throwing parties and it had been a long time since my last one. I think it went well. I had fun and was glad to be able to get together with so many of my friends.


We had an amazingly great Thanksgiving. I was so happy when my sister called and suggested coming to our house, from Idaho, for Thanksgiving. I love her family so much. She has four adorable little kids. Our house is only three bedrooms and we were taking care of Nana since my parents went to Colorado for Thanksgiving to visit my sister Bridget and her family. Nana gets her own room. We can never convince any of the kids to sleep with her. We don't know why? We gave Dallin, Mindy, and little Kate our room and her three other kids slept in Isaiah's room. Thankfully Daniel had finished Isaiah's bed, which is amazing I must say, and then there is a day bed with a trundle that pulls out. I had the big couch in the living room, Isaiah had the small one, and Daniel, by request slept on the couch in the garage. He likes it. So we were all nice and cozy and crazy but we were together and I LOVED it!

The kids eating their artichoke appetizer (Not pictured, the platter of deviled eggs devoured and a whole bowl, and almost whole bag of chips and salsa).

We spent a lot of time cooking. This was my first year hosting Thanksgiving and all I could think of the whole day and day before was, 'how did my mom do this every year with eight kids and very little help?' I mean my husband knows his way around the kitchen. I love my dad, but he does not! I did the meal planning, we went shopping as a family, and then all the adults cooked together. Daniel cooked the chicken (no turkey lovers), ham, potatoes, and green beans. I made three desserts, and the artichokes for appetizers. Mindy and Dallin made yummy cranberry chutney, deviled eggs, and a yummy raspberry, pretzel, jello dish...seriously yummy. I really wish I would have added up how many sticks of butter we used because everything we made called for at least a cube. I guess that's why everything tasted amazing

All the cuties in Isaiah's new bed. Isn't it awesome! It hangs from the ceiling with a very cool, yet a tad bit dangerous of a rope ladder to crawl up. From left to right, Jack, Isaiah, Kate, Claire, and Evelyn.
Jack is my little sweetheart! He loves me, what can I say:)

Claire is one you have to keep your eyes on. She loves, lotion, lipstick, and anything else she shouldn't get into. I do have to say she was quite well behaved. I love her to death because she is the most like her mom and her mom always can make me laugh. Very fun personality!

Little Kate. If you looked at a baby picture of me, you would think this was me.

These two have been buds since the day Isaiah was born. Evelyn came first and then two weeks later Isaiah. We all lived in the same house together their first year on this earth and it was a sad day when Dallin took them away to Idaho:) It just makes these times when we get together even more special though!

Thank you to the Heiner's for a great Thanksgiving, even if it was way too short of a visit. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!


Stacey said...

You can stalk my blog anytime...since I've been stalking yours. Sounds like a lot of yums for Thanksgiving. Sorry about the flu, we all got it as well - that's why I wasn't at the baby shower. That bed looks awesome!

haylie said...

Hey Stephanie,

Of course! I've been meaning to add yours. I just keep forgetting. Thanks for being on it :o)

Jessica said...

I love Isaiah's new bed!!

Daniel and Monica Long said...

I wish I was there! Let's plan to have Thanksgiving together next year. Maybe we could have it at our place, wherever that is!