Friday, December 11, 2009

Creating Christmas

Nothing says Christmas more than raking leaves! We have a tree in our front yard that refuses to shed it's leaves until the first of December. It was Isaiah's delightful duty to rake all the leaves prior to putting up the lights.
(given it's Christmas time Daniel and I did help him a little:)

Daniel putting up the lights.
(Do you see those leaves up there in the gutter? There were a whole bunch more on the roof as well. While we were out getting our tree the wind blew all those leaves onto our nicely raked lawn. Isaiah was devastated).

Isaiah got his own tree this year. There was a man giving them away because they didn't grow correctly. We were happy to give a home to a misfit tree!

Isaiah waiting for dad to find the perfect tree. Daniel is seriously Chevy Chase from Christmas Vacation. We spend a lot of time and do a lot of walking to track down the perfect one. Isaiah of course never takes my advice when I say it's going to be cold so grab a jacket and a hat. He was soooo cold, but still smiling!

No help from us this year carrying the tree. We finally got cold enough and went inside for some hot chocolate.

The Perfect One!

Isaiah's Misfit.

All decorated and ready for presents.

It makes a nice nightlight for Isaiah. He really loves it and he actually waters it without having to be reminded....for the most part!


Sherry said...

SO FUN!!! I love Christmas Tree TIME! and I AM IN LOVE with those curtains behind the tree! =)

Bob and Julie said...

My vote is for Isaiah!! I like his tree!! I totally forgot to take pictures this year. Well, actually, Bob forgot to take pictures - ha! I loved catching up on all the fun things you've done. You have a great family!!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

The trees are beautiful! What a proud little boy Isaiah is! And what a good kid for raking the leaves. I would be sad too if they blew on the grass after too! Hope you guys are having a fun holiday season:)

Jessica said...

I love "Isaiah's misfit"!