Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

We get real fancy around our house for our Christmas Eve dinner. Wine glasses and martini glasses with sparkling cider. I love Isaiah's giant glass! It's so much fun.
Nana and Isaiah toasting. It was nice to see Nana having such a great time.

Next we all get to open one present each on Christmas Eve. I actually got to open two because Isaiah decided to give me $2.00 from his savings account. What a sweet boy.
(actually earlier that day Isaiah had 29 cents and he wanted to play a game that cost 50 cents. I told him he didn't have enough so he would have to find something cheaper. Instead he decided to donate his money to the salvation army on the way out of the store. I was so proud of him. Later that day I gave him 50 cents out of my car and told him I was proud of his decision to give to those less fortunate. I told him to keep the money in the car so he wouldn't forget to use it next time we were there).

Dad got the book "The Christmas Oranges" He was so thrilled (sarcasm emphasized). This will be a new tradition to read the story each Christmas Eve to remind us of how blessed we are to have the things that we have.

Isaiah got a new family game. I didn't get a picture but it is called Fundominos. That is another one of our traditions to get a family game and play it on Christmas Eve together. Nana actually really liked this one so it was extra special.

I got my new annual snow globe. I love these things. This one sings, Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Nana got some of my old perfume that I have never used. I know we are so sweet but really she doesn't need a whole lot and it was mostly to help her feel welcome and loved. I think she had a really great night.

Now everyone is tucked all snug in their beds. I love Christmas!


Bridget said...

what a sweet boy! you guys are doing such a good job raising that cute boy of yours. Merry CHristmas to you all. We miss you so much.

Bob and Julie said... first off...totally freaking out with yours and Monica's hair!! I think she thought I was some disturbed person Christmas Eve because I couldn't stop looking at her hair!!

That Isaiah seriously has me laughing every single post you put up here. I just LOVE that boy! Nana looks like she had a wonderful time. You are so sweet to re-gift your perfume ;) Next time I get a gift from you...welll..I'll be wondering - ha-ha!! Merry Christmas!!

Daniel and Monica Long said...

Isaiah is so much like you. I'm not surprised at all that he wanted to donate to salvation army. That is so something you would do. And that's so Isaiah. He has such a sensitive, caring spirit. But on a side night, remember when Evelyn and Isaiah were super young and Isaiah stole a toy from her. She looked at him and then said, "here you go." It was so cute

Erica said...

Loving the hair, it looks great on you!