Friday, March 19, 2010


One of my favorite events of the year! I love watching college basketball and I love a little friendly competition.

Our championship predictions.

Dan: Kentucky vs. Kansas with Kentucky winning (taking the safe route)

Isaiah: BYU vs. Old Dominion with BYU winning (BYU being one of the few teams he actually knew)

Me: Syracuse vs. Duke with Duke winning (I don't particularly care for Duke. I can't help that they are a good team though)

There have already been some pretty amazing games. Several upsets and several buzzer beaters. Isaiah gets very into the games. It's so fun!

What are your predictions?

Monday, March 15, 2010


I was organizing my photos tonight when I noticed a couple things I forgot I wanted to post. About a month ago Isaiah lost his first front tooth. I knew this day would come and I wasn't too excited about it. I thought it would make him look so old and I would be sad. I was wrong. Everything is making him look so old, but I am okay with it now!

Isaiah played on his first basketball team and I got to coach it! Words cannot express how much fun it was. Isaiah really loves playing basketball. There are three basketball hoops in our culdesac and if it's not raining, and even sometimes when it is, he's out there playing. I love playing with him and I love watching him play.
I had to scan this photo in because when I was younger my dad coached my basketball team, and several of my sisters, and we all have a picture just like this one.....except my dad was rockin' an awesome 80's mustache!

A couple of years ago I coached 7th grade basketball for the Future Spartans program. This was a lot more laid back and fun. It was so rewarding to be a part of those kids first experience with basketball.

Isaiah using all his power to shoot the three. In one of the games Isaiah stole the ball and had a wide open layup at the other end of the court. He was dribbling up the court and I saw him slowing down to shoot it right at the three point line. Just as I was yelling, "keep going!" he swished it. He was very excited along with his teammates. I was glad he made it but knew this would only encourage more outside shooting and possible ball hogging. Of course it did. He thought he was on fire and attempted to shoot almost every time he had the ball. I couldn't help but laugh to myself, but also had to have the "being a team player" talk with him later.

A little fancy ankle cross shot here:) I had such a blast coaching and can hardly wait until next year!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sister's Weekend

A weekend away with my sisters! All eight of us were able to get together and enjoy a weekend on the Oregon Coast. We stayed in Daniel's family coast house. We were so lucky to have amazing weather for our retreat.

In order from oldest to youngest, right to left: Michele, Erica, Debora, Bridget, Lindsey, Mindy, myself, and Monica.

My parent's floors were being redone so they came out for a place to stay. It was fun to have them there.
My sweet sister Mindy from Idaho.

My two oldest sisters, Michele and Erica, are always texting now. They have teenagers, can you tell?

Still texting.

There are a few things that will almost always happen when we get together, and competition is one of them. Eating, playing games, long chats are some others. Eating is what brought us outside to walk the hill. I don't know who suggested it but eventually we were having races up the hill. The youngest Monica won. Way to go!

The weather was so nice. We had many of our long chats outside on the deck.

Thank you to my sisters for such a great weekend! You are all amazing mother's, wives, and sister's that I look up to. Can't wait to do it again.