Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sister's Weekend

A weekend away with my sisters! All eight of us were able to get together and enjoy a weekend on the Oregon Coast. We stayed in Daniel's family coast house. We were so lucky to have amazing weather for our retreat.

In order from oldest to youngest, right to left: Michele, Erica, Debora, Bridget, Lindsey, Mindy, myself, and Monica.

My parent's floors were being redone so they came out for a place to stay. It was fun to have them there.
My sweet sister Mindy from Idaho.

My two oldest sisters, Michele and Erica, are always texting now. They have teenagers, can you tell?

Still texting.

There are a few things that will almost always happen when we get together, and competition is one of them. Eating, playing games, long chats are some others. Eating is what brought us outside to walk the hill. I don't know who suggested it but eventually we were having races up the hill. The youngest Monica won. Way to go!

The weather was so nice. We had many of our long chats outside on the deck.

Thank you to my sisters for such a great weekend! You are all amazing mother's, wives, and sister's that I look up to. Can't wait to do it again.


Jessica Duff said...

Looks like a blast, you're all so cute!

Bridget said...

OK...can you see the headstart Monica had on me? Of course she won the race up hill! BTW, LOVE the starting position I'm in. Good times! xoxo

Daniel and Monica Long said...

Let the record state that I did not have a head start. You can't even see me in the picture. You can't prove anything!

Stacey said...

Thanks for your nice comments. Wow 8 sisters - now that looks like fun! Lots going on, I'm glad you guys are staying here. You're a pretty cute mom too!