Thursday, September 24, 2009


The other day Isaiah and is friend were outside playing. I was inside and heard a whole lot of, "you have bigger stuff," and "you have more bombs," so I decided to go out and take a look. I was instantly brought back to my childhood. My sisters and cousins and I loved playing make believe of any kind. It was mostly cops an robbers but we occasionally set up for war. The fun part was the setting up of our barricades. We usually never got around to the actual 'war' part of it. I found this same thing to be true for Isaiah and his friend. They spent at least an hour setting up and going over the rules and when all was said and done, they moved on to something new.

Isaiah thought he had a pretty good set up.

The next night I pulled out some of my fall decorations. I wasn't planning on decorating for Halloween yet since it is over a month away but all of a sudden all the neighbor kids were at my door asking if they could help decorate for Halloween. I figured the more help the merrier so why not. We are just going to look like a family that really looks forward to Halloween.

I was really hoping they wouldn't find the webs because they make such a mess when it rains. I'm pretty sure those are going to mysteriously disappear in the next few days.

Isaiah got some glow in the dark planets for his birthday and he has been dying to hang them up. This is how the whole decorating thing got started.

The kids originally came in stating they wanted to help but very quickly were distracted by playing.
On another note Daniel turned 33 on Sunday! We had a quiet little celebration for him.
Always goofing around!
He only wanted one candle.

After church Daniel wanted to go hiking up at Chip Ross Park. I was so bummed that I forgot my camera on the hike because the views from the top are gorgeous!
Isaiah's gift to Daniel. He was so excited because he went to the bank and took out his own money from his account to buy Daniel his gift.


Bob and Julie said...

Ha...okay, okay, I admit, I laughed when I saw Daniel's head and the birthday cake. He's a funny one.

So, you should feel like you'd be a gonner if you get this flu. It's BAD...but so far...not deadly, thank goodness. But you do feel like the stinky part of the pig is sitting on your head. The doc told me that the H1N1 is in 98 percent of the flu viruses this year. They don't blood test anymore. Just say deal with it. I guess it's good, builds up our natural immunities...who knows though.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday to Daniel! On a strange note, I had a dream the other night that Daniel sold me "drugs," but in this dream-world the drugs were chocolate chip cookie dough I paid him a lot of money for it and then I got caught by the police. I think I've been watching too much of this new cop show I love. :)

Bridget said...

Steph, you really are just the sweetest. And those boys of yours are so lucky they have you! Isaiah needs to plan a trip back here to spend time with his cousins. Work on that would ya?!!!!!

shelly said...

Happy Birthday daniel!!! Hahaha I feel the same about those spiderwebs. My family loves to decorate our house for halloween and christmas. Putting the decorations up this the fun part. Taking them down is the hard part. :)