Friday, September 18, 2009

Isaiahs's 7th Birthday

I can't believe Isaiah is 7! He has grown in so many ways this year. It has been a great year!

Isaiah's birthday was last Tuesday. We celebrated on Monday because it was Labor Day and Daniel had the day off. We invited our friends the Hales over for Family Home Evening and cake and ice cream.
Isaiah always gets a little shy when he is the center of attention. Unfortunately he inherited that from his mother.

All smiles here though!

I think his face says it all! He was so excited to get a pocket knife. We were leaving to go to Crater Lake that week and he couldn't wait to put it to good use!

He listened very intently as he got his safety instructions from dad.

And then repeated them back to dad. (something we have to have him do a lot lately to make sure he is really listening:)

Another cool tool from dad, a monocular.

Daniel got Isaiah the book "The Call of the Wild," by Jack London, from the Book Bin. It was fun for them to read it in the tent at night while camping.

Tuesday was Isaiah's actual birthday. He got to eat Lucky Charms while watcing cartoons. He was very happy about that!

Isaiah is such a good boy with a kind heart. I feel so blessed to be his mother and to help and watch him grow.

Happy Birthday!


Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your little guy, who is getting not-so-little!!

Bridget said...

I'm crying...because Daniel is such a great father! Of course you're a good mother too! I just love how Daniel is so thoughtful with Isaiah. Ethan's been asking for a pocket knife (and cell phone, mind you) for the last 4 months. I'm so glad Isaiah had such a special day. We love you guys!

Daniel and Monica Long said...

It's just so crazy how old Isaiah is getting! And how much of a BOY he is! I can't believe my little ziggy likes knives and things like that. At least he has his aunty to keep him grounded... I'm glad to hear he likes the recorder! haha.

Bob and Julie said...

What a great time!! I love the cute cake you made. Derrick's wanted a pocket knife for his birthday this year but...denied! I'm not telling him about Isaiah for sure!!! He's one "lucky charm" baahhaaa. Okay, I'm's the sickness.