Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hood to Coast

Last weekend I ran Hood to Coast. This was my fourth time and definitely one of my favorites.
If you don't know what Hood to Coast is all about click here.
I was lucky enough to be in Van 1, which I think is the best way to go. We did have a 7am start time which meant getting up at 4am and driving to Timberline, but I still think it is better than Van 2. I love being the leg that gets to start out on the mountain and also be at the beach at the end. It was a beautiful morning and so much fun.

These were the people I ran with. Here we are ready for our first run at 7am! As you can see there are seven people but only six legs per van. We did a little improvising because one of the guys didn't think he was going to be able to do all his legs. This left less room in the SUV but was well worth it. We seriously had a great group of people!

I love when I get to do things like this with my sisters. My sister Lindsey is in the middle and her friend Nedra is on the right. The team was put together by Nedra. She is 51 years old and she has done HTC for the last 14 years and has had seven children! I am so impressed by this lady.

You see and use so many honey buckets along the way. Surprisingly enough they are the cleanest and least foul smelling ones I have ever encountered.

We were a little late getting to my first exchange I had to rush in to use the "restroom." I didn't even know my sister snapped this shot until later.

I ended up making my runner wait, but only a few seconds.

You've gotta love it when you are huffing and puffing, sweating and tired, and your van pulls up next to you hootin' and hollerin' and wanting to talk to you and snap pictures. It does give you that little bit of adrenaline to keep on going.

Van 1 and Van 2 at the end of my first leg and the first checkpoint of the race.

A picture of us and are "legs"

We seriously didn't mean to match! I love my sister. She has four small kids and is just amazing!

Lindsey got to run along the water front and out of Portland. I love Portland and I love this picture of her running with the cool buildings in the background.

Here we are ready for our second runs at 5pm that same day.

This isn't a very good picture and no one reading this blog will know this guy but he had us all laughing on this leg of his race. From 6pm to 7am you are required to wear a reflective vest and carry a flashlight. Most runners have these real sleek looking runner's vests. John pulled out his full on construction vest and had us rolling. We could see him coming from a mile away! To add to it he just moved to Gooding, Idaho, a very small town where my husband is from. He said that this was the only vest he could find. Daniel thought that was pretty funny.

Here we are at 3am getting ready for our 3rd leg. I didn't end up running until 7am since I was the last leg in my van but once one person is up everyone is up.

Finally we are done and driving the rest of the way to Seaside to greet Van 2 when they finish.

A shower and food never felt better. Our team name was "runs in the family." Love the legs hanging out the back of our vans.

197 miles! Pretty cool.


Christa said...

WOW Stephanie, this is truly amazing. I was just telling Jeremy the other day, I am so impressed with anyone who can run! I didn't realize that this was an overnight race! Congratulations!

Jessica Duff said...

Way to go Steph & Lindsey!!! No Monica this year?

clintandleximorgan said...

That is awesome Stephanie!! I hope one day to actually run the hood to coast! I've never done anything like that day! :)

Daniel and Monica Long said...

You're such a pipsqueek!!! I can't believe how tiny you are!!! I do not want to hear another word about you thinking you're fat! And Lindsey sacked out in the back of the van is CLASSIC! She can sleep anywhere!

Bob and Julie said...

Great job! Your team looked like TONS of fun! I love Hood to Coast. I love all the decorated vans and fun people! The only other race I love better is the the Twighlight Parade one. You've had a busy summer!! You're amazing!!

Bridget said...

I'm so jealous right now. You have now passed me...I've ran it 3 times and miss it like crazy. Are we for sure doing this as a family next year? I hope so!! We will be there for sure!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

You are such a stud!! I admire you Steph! I have always wanted to do that! You have a rockin bod girl- way to go!