Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Oregon Coast in November

Isaiah had two days off of school for Veterans day so we went to the beach with my sister Debora and her family. Daniel had to work and he had school so he didn't come:( I can't believe how nice the weather was! The boys had so much fun playing on the beach.

Uncle Hodge helped them make a drip castle with a moat. He dug so deep that it started to cave in so it really just ended up being a giant whole. That's Jarem waist deep standing in it.

Someone had made this giant maze in the sand. Isaiah and grandpa decided to head down and try it out.

They made it!

Justin, Stephan, and Isaiah at the beginning stages of the castle.

The final product.

The boys running out to get water. That is how Hodge kept them busy so he could work on the castle:)

Going from cold to hot can be tough sometimes but I think Isaiah's face is a little dramatic!


Cami said...

Looks like so much fun. I've seen that face of Isaiah's quite often.

Bob and Julie said...

What a great time!! I LOVE it when it's nice weather at the coast! I can't believe how big Debora and Hodge's boys are! Too bad Daniel couldn't go...but...Grandpa was a good trooper! I loved the picture of them with their thumbs up. I also cracked up at Isaiah's face at the end. He is such a ham :)

I also wanted to invite you and your family to Derrick's baptism. I know it's the holiday and things are crazy...but...we would love to see you guys. I got your address from Lindsey and am going to send you guys and invite. You are such a great friend. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

Foster said...

Ahhhh...we miss the coast. I am so jealous, your family has done some really fun things in the last few months. I love seeing all the pictures!

clintandleximorgan said...

So much fun! Great that you get to just jump down to the beach. Hopefully one day soon that can be my life too! The boys look cute in the hot tub...really enjoyed Isaiah's face!

Jessica said...

That is an impressive drip castle! And Isaiah's face is funny- what a ham!! :)

Jessica said...

(I meant his dramatic expression is funny, not his face. His face is very handsome.) LOL :)