Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of School

Isaiah's first day of school was yesterday. It was also is 6th birthday. As you can see from the photo he wanted waffles for his birthday breakfast. I was excited for Isaiah that he gets to start school, but sad that he is growing up so fast. I was telling Daniel that it was hard to believe that all his years at home with me are over. He will go to school for the next 12 years! Of course Daniel didn't have a lot of sympathy for me. It really made my day when Daniel called me at 10:00am to ask how Isaiah's first day of school was. I answered the phone and Daniel said, "Don't get too excited, but I wanted to call because I am excited about Isaiah's first day of school and I want to know how it went." He likes to play things off like there no big deal:)


Isaiah was a little goofy before school started. I think it was his nerves.

I think I was right. Can you see how excited he is to be at a new school!

I did manage to get him to smile for a picture though.

I thought it would be fun to take a picture of the shoes Isaiah wore his first day of school (If you saw my shoe closet you would know why). Daniel laughed at me when I showed him. I know boys and girls like different things, but I just couldn't resist. I love converse.


Heidi and Matt said...

I love those pics. I am not excited for my little guy to start kindergarten next year. It just makes me feel too OLD--and grown up! He is such a heartbreaker though! He looks a lot like Monica...

Bob and Julie said...

Isaiah is one seriously good-looking young man! I TOTALLY understand your feelings of loosing your baby to the schools. I cry every start of the new school year. I hate it when my kids got back to school! Hey...I also LOVE Cons! Finally my son is into them!! They look soooo sweet on the feet :) And....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Mocanoe said...

My gosh, I cannot believe Isaiah is starting school. I remember cutting his umbilcal cord! (You know I'll never let that one go. It's something I remind him of every birthday). He looked pretty slick on his first day of school... no let's see if he converts back to sweats!

Nicole said...

Isaiah's rockin' that new hair-do.