Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Isaiah's 6th Birthday Party

Isaiah had his 6th birthday party last Saturday. We were in town for my two nephews baptism so we decided to throw him his bash while we were there. Here are a few pics of his guests, and some of the fun they had. I put the names and ages of the kids because that's the kind of stuff I always like to know. When the wife's name is first it's one of my sisters. I thought Daniel would think that was funny:)

Jeffers 2 - Lindsey and Adam Ordyna's

I think he looks like me as a toddler. Now that they cut all his curls off you can't see it as much.

Dallin 3 - Michele and Rich Preim's

Jarem 3 - Debora and Hodge Kerr

These two are inseparable. Jarem lives in Bend and Dallin lives in Beaverton so they get very excited when the family gets together.

Natalie 2

Natalie is the cutest little girl. I think she had a thing for Max:)

Her parents Jed and Crystal Foutz

These are some of our friends that used to live in Corvallis but moved to Hillsboro. They are awesome friends. As you can barely see they are expecting their second child soon!
Gilbert, Nicole, Sam 4, and Max 2

Max's cheeze is classic! I love how red Sam's face gets when he plays. He puts a lot of energy into it!

Emma 4 - Again Lindsey and Adams

This girls a brute but...believe it or not she quite soccer because a girl pushed her.

Lindsey and Adam, parents of four of the 19 kids there that night.

Stephan 6 - Debora and Hodge Kerrs

Isaiah loves Stephan to death and was so glad he could come all the way from Bend just for his birthday part:) His older brother Justin was baptised that day with his best buddy, cousin Tanner.

Boys playing wall ball

Boys playing soccer

Daniel using a new technique to get a rebound.
The squatting move.

Max taking a break with his hand on his hip


Crystal said...

oh my gosh! cannot believe that kid is already 6!!! where has the time gone? i love the pic of him above in his "non-matching" school outfit and superman socks. that's just awesome!

Bob and Julie said...

What a busy day!! I loved all the pictures. I TOTALLY think that Jeffers looks like you too!! Amazing!!

stevenjared0853 said...

This looks like amazing! I have seen one of the venues in Los Angeles like this. It surely becomes a great place for kids to enjoy and have fun. Ha-ha! And my little boy stands just like him with his hand on the hip. The kids are adorable. Happy 6th birthday to the kid.