Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dual Immersion

Isaiah is in the Dual Immersion Kindergarten class this year. Half the day is taught in Spanish and half the day is taught in English. His school is very highly populated with Mexicans. There are about 6 white kids in his class and the rest are Mexicans and then there's Isaiah.:) The best part of his school is whenever there is a parent meeting to attend they always serve dinner. For Daniel it's like being in Mexico. He loves it. Actually now that I think of it that is probably the main reason why he goes. Last time they served homemade Tamales that were amazing. Tonight they served Tacos with a whole bunch of yummy fixins' that were sooo good. Daniel and I went back for thirds!


Kirk + Chelsea said...

Hi Steph! That's cool to hear that Daniel is in a dual immersion class. We have quite a few of them here in Southern California as well and while there is so much controversy about it, I think it's good for the English speaking kids to have that sort of exposure. Just think of how bilingual he is going to be! I just have a hard time teaching those classes because I know no spanish! Your family picture looks great, what a great looking family you have!

Bob and Julie said...

Wow...what a great experience! It would totally be tough for me. I'm very, very impressed!!

Heidi and Matt said...

I think that sounds pretty neat. Do you like it? What an asset to him! The food sounds spectacular anyways!!! Love looking at all your great pics, and the pics of your reunion. You have such a great fam!