Saturday, September 20, 2008

Evening Golf Outings

This summer has been a lot of fun. One of the greatest things about it is Isaiah's age. I know that sounds wierd, but it is really nice to be able to go and do things together as a family that we all enjoy, and that we all can do. Daniel started golfing every Thursday with his boss. I was feeling a little left out so we got a babysitter and went a couple times together. The problem was we wanted to go every week and it's hard to find a babysitter and it gets expensive. So we decided to take Isaiah with us and see how that worked out. It was great! Isaiah had a really good time and he walked all nine holes with us and never complained. We took him three times and he got better each time. He has his own ball and his own tee and he just loves it! It was so cute to watch Daniel teaching Isaiah how to line up his putt. I had to teach Isaiah that when other people are getting ready to hit, he has to be quiet. Isaiah is still working on both of those.

Those of you who know Daniel know he is not too fond of the camera. If you look closely you can still see the ball is still on the tee. This is not his usual form either.

It was pretty funny at times to watch Isaiah put his tee in. He had a hard time putting it in straight so his ball would roll off the tee several times before he could steady it.
He left quite a few divots along the way.

Daniel let Isaiah use his left handed club, yet Isaiah is standing on the wrong side. I don't remember how this shot worked out???

It was a practice swing I promise:)

It was a beautiful evening. We even saw a rabbit on the fifth hole. We came upon it as we were looking for my ball in the bushes.

Although we had a great time, I have to say this is my worst score ever!


Kirk + Chelsea said...

You're awesome! That's one thing I definitely don't do- golfing! You looked so cute with your visor on and everything- a natural. And that's a great family outting too! Any trips back out to Hawaii planned? I am seriously jones-ing for some more island time!

Lindsey said...

Steph, I now have a very little blog, but it looks cute.

Christa said...

Very fun, it's definetly easier to do tons of things when your kids get older.

Erica said...

Family golf, I LOVE it!! Sure wish Nate could stomach being seen with me on the golf course :)