Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vrtiska Family Reunion: Part II

While we were staying in Eden, Utah we had the chance to visit Temple Square. I have been there several times so I was excited to take Isaiah for his first visit. I can't say that it was super spiritual, because as you can see from this photo we had a lot of little ones with us (Kate also there but not pictured). I can say that I think it was a good time for the kids and time will only tell what they got out of it. Oh, now I have to correct myself. This was Isaiah's second visit. He went with Grandpa and Grandma Vrtiska last year. Funny story. Right before we took this shot of the kids we were trying to get the stroller all set up and organized and Mindy didn't see Jack (he's the cute little guy facing away from the irritating sun). As she was saying, "Where's Jack?" We all immediately turned around to find him with his drawers dropped to the ground peeing in the daisy bed. All we could do was laugh and let him finish. You can't stop a kid once they have started. This was the worst part because by now newcomers are walking by and they don't realize that we didn't let him pee there but now we are standing there watching him as if we gave him the go ahead to begin with. If Dallin, Mindy's husband, would have been there he would have been in trouble. They are from Idaho and Dallin has pretty much taught Jack that he can pee wherever he can find a nice spot. I guess Jack thought the flowers needed watering.

The rest of the time at Wolf Creek was pretty much spent at the pool and trying to catch bugs. The kids had so much fun, and when the kids are having so much fun, it is a lot easier for the adults to relax!

Emma Jumping to her daddy.

Connor jumping to his daddy.

Isaiah jumping to Uncle Adam. Honestly he doesn't need water wings. Maybe he thought he looked cool???

Stephan jumping to Uncle Adam.

Hey where did the rest of the Uncles go? Oh I remember. Hodge and Rich were working on their tans and Dallin and Daniel were avoiding the Vrtiskas as long as possible. Actually they really had to work and Hodge and Rich are both very good Uncles:)

Starting on the left: Justin, Isaiah, Tanner, Evelyn, Claire, and Jarom. These kids spent hours looking for Praying Mantis. They did a pretty good job catching them too.

More to come....

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Nicole said...

Lot of cute kids in that Vrtiska clan. Family reunions are priceless, no matter how exhausting they might be.