Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crater Lake Trip

We love Crater Lake! We just got back from our camping trip to Crater Lake. We had so much fun. Isaiah was so excited when he finally saw the Lake. I wish I could have caught that excitement on video. Isn't the view just gorgeous? There was a forest fire about fifteen miles away from the lake. That's the reason for the foggy looking picture. You could smell the smoke from our campsite.

This was our first time going camping without the luxury of our truck. Daniel always thinks I pack too much and weeks before the trip he kept reminding me that we wouldn't have as much room in our car so I couldn't bring as much. I decided to let him pack this year which was hard for me because I like my luxuries while camping. He actually did a pretty good job.

Isaiah was trying really hard to help unload once we got there so we could go explore.
It is really nice during the days, but the nights get super cold. We had hot chocolate and a fire to keep warm. The first morning we woke up, Isaiah and I were useless because we were frozen to the bone. Thank goodness for Daniel. Every morning I woke up he had a fire, hot chocolate, and breakfast all ready for us. He is the ultimate camping cook!

Every time Isaiah is all bundled up, it always reminds me of Kenny from South Park:)

One of Daniel's famous faces.

We had such of fun time. I will have more pictures of the Lake and fishing next time.


Lindsey said...

I WANT TO COME ONE YEAR, ATLEAST!! It is soooo gorgeous and I love camping with you guys! I love you and missed you, too!

Jason, Rachel and Laneah said...

Hey Stephanie. You have to click on "customize" at the top of you page and then "add a gadget". You want to add Blog List. The only thing that stinks is that you have to re-enter everyone's blogs. This is how I ended up erasing everyone's blogs in the first place so be careful:) But you're right, it is cool.