Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Last of Crater Lake

The last day we went fishing the water was like glass all day. We had never seen the lake like this before. It was so calm and peaceful the entire day and the water so clear and beautiful.

The water is actually really deep in these pictures.

Our friend Kirk camped with us the last two nights. He has a dog named Oly. Isaiah loves her. He played with her nonstop.

Daniel getting ready for his daily swim. This was on the non clear day and it wasn't quite as warm.

I love this picture. Daniel fished all day long. It's hard for me to believe him when he says he really doesn't like fishing that much.


Cory, Heather, Alyssa and Owen said...

Looks like fun. I have never been there.

Jessica said...

Love that last shot- it looks like a professional ad for Crater Lake!

Cami said...

It looks like so much fun.

Bob and Julie said...

What a fun vacation! You got some amazing shots. Every year we say that we need to go and visit Crater Lake....but still....we continue to say, "We need to go and visit Crater Lake". I'll have to get with you and get your travel advice! It looks so awsome!

Mocanoe said...

Stephanie you HAVE TO get that last picture of daniel fishing framed!!!! What a natural photographer you are!