Friday, October 3, 2008

Fishing at Crater Lake

This is our amazing fishing spot at Crater Lake!

We have to climb about half a mile through these rocks to get there.

It's a lot of fun though because there are all sorts of different shapes and sizes of rocks.

Once we are to our spot we are completely isolated from everything and everyone.

The views are breath taking!

This is Wizard Island. We have yet to take the boat ride out to it. We keep saying we are going to do it every year, but we never get around to it.

Being so secluded causes Daniel and Isaiah to feel free to roam around in whatever attire.
(I won't show you a picture of Daniel in his wardrobe of choice:)

Daniel never comes off this rock.

Which is a good thing because he catches all our fish!

He caught three this year (One is not pictured. He caught it on a different day).

After the fish stopped biting we started catching crawdads.

We took them back to camp and boiled them up. I couldn't watch the killing, but they were actually pretty tasty.

Isaiah was such a good sport. It's a very long walk down to the lake. We got there usually around 10am and didn't leave until 4pm. That's a long day in the sun. The walk back up was the hardest for him. It's about a mile straight up. Daniel was nice enough to let him ride on his shoulders part of the way, while carrying all the fishing gear, and the two fish that he caught. He wouldn't let me help him with anything. We had such a fun time!


Jessica said...

Great pics!! But the poor little crawdads- I always say the day I have to start killing my meat for myself is the day I become a vegetarian. :)

Heidi and Matt said...

looks like such a fun trip! I didn't know you could actually wade in crater lake. What a blast! Looks like great weather. You guys are so cute!

Bridget said...

What a great family! i love that Daniel is so great at taking care of his little family. One of these days I'll get around to updating my blog! Miss you.

drugman said...

This is a note for Daniel.

We went to a wedding reception of Carolee's Oregon cousins and I thought of you. Jeff Tingey married Jaime Pope. I hope everything in Oregon is good and it was fun reading your wife's blog.

Jessica said...

Do you know Jeff Tingey?? I've known Jamie Pope for years!!