Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 90th Grandma T!

My grandma turned 90 a couple of weeks ago! I know I am a little late in getting this out. We threw her a big 90th birthday party up on Fernhill Road. I have so many fond memories of that place. Fernhill Road is the famous Timmerman road in Astoria. My grandparents owned a holly farm and they raised their 5 children there. My Uncle Conrad and Aunt Evelyn now run the holly farm and both have lived on the land as well, raising their families. My best vacations as a child were going to the farm and playing with my cousins. We would get lost in the forests for hours building forts, finding new paths, and sometimes making traps for people to come upon (we weren't always sugar and spice:). There were so many places to go that were so exciting to a young kid. We loved playing cops and robbers in the warehouses, and the smell was to die for! It smelled like Christmas all over. My Uncle Conrad always had a diesel truck. We loved to get rides from him around the farm. We would all hop in the back and pound on the truck yelling, "faster, faster" My Aunt Evelyn had a huge garden full of the yummiest fruits and vegetables. We weren't supposed to get in her garden and I can't remember how many times I heard, "Hey guys, get out of there!" My grandma Timmerman also had, and still has an amazing garden but we didn't dare go near hers. I could go on and on about all the great things about that place but I won't. Maybe I will get around to recording it all in my journal.
Not only do I have fond memories as a child of Grandma T., I also have very fond memories as an adult. Daniel brought me out to a weekend with grandma to propose to me. It was down on the docks by the barking seals. Awww the memories:) When we came home grandma said, "well how'd it go?" I showed her my ring and she said, "good it's about time!"
Daniel carved our names in grandma's tree. I don't know why he even attempted to do my whole name but it made me happy when he did it and even happier to see it again the other day.

I just love her so much!

My Grandma has been a widow for at least 30 years now. She was much younger than my grandpa and he died before I was even born of cancer. She is one tough woman. She has lived in that house for so long by herself. She has been through so much in her life it amazes me. I love sitting in her living room and talking with her. She always has fun stories to tell. When grandma talks to you though you listen. I love that Isaiah has had the chance to get to know her well. To this day he still talks about how great grandma Timmerman taught him to chew with his mouth closed. I don't know how many times Daniel and I have heard the story of how she was asked to play "women's professional basketball." I can't do the story justice but she basically told how she knew she needed to get a career and if she played basketball that would not have happened. My grandma was a nurse, in fact that is how she met my grandpa. Anyway I started on all this because as kids our grandma was the strongest, meanest, toughest, lady we knew. Over the years she has softened and become more limited to what she can do. The picture above is of grandma's golf cart she got so she could get around the farm easier. Daniel loves to give her a hard time about it.

Daniel and Isaiah in grandma's kitchen.My grandma's favorite word is "damn." If you don't want to be exposed to a list of how it was used scroll on. Grandma has had a tough time with technology. This is how she feels about it.
"I can't get this damn remote to work."
"Those damn cable people don't know what they are doing."
and how she felt about anyone or thing that got into her garden.
"That damn dog" (after getting it in the rear with her cane).
"You kids get out of my damn garden." (as we run as fast as we can away).

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma! You are truly amazing!


Bob and Julie said...

She is truly an amazing woman!!! I know seeing how beautiful and happy her posterity is must make her sooo happy. You are all wonderful!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Your grandma looks great! Props to her for living such a long and awesome life! p.s. you are so cute by the way, and I haven't seen your blog ina while, but I like the picture for your title- it made me laugh:)

cdr said...

Cute pictures from your wedding.

Bridget said...

Steph, thanks for the spot you gave grandma on your blog. I wish I could've been there to do the same. Maybe soon we will be closer...pray for it!