Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years: Part I

We had an amazing New Year! We had the chance to go to Daniel's families house in Nehalem. We got to see his parents, brother, and nephew the first night and then my sister and her family came for a few more nights. The weather wasn't great but we had so much fun getting out when we could and then just playing around the house when we couldn't. Of course Lindsey and I played games any chance we could. Our last night together we stayed up until four in the morning savouring every last minute! I know either crazy or stupid, maybe both, but we had fun.

Sam and Isaiah. They think they are stopping the water from flowing. In reality they were making Grandpa Dewey quite nervous about clogging the drain:)

New Years eve party. Jeffers let me do his hair.

The rest of these pictures are out of order but I am in a hurry so sorry. One day we wanted to go to hug point and walk around the rocks to a nice beach spot. Well the tide never went out far enough for us to do it so we decided to go up and over the mountain to get to the beach. It was quite an adventure with 4 kids (Adam took Jeffery home).

We finally made it. It took us about an hour to find the right path and get all the kids down onto the beach.

We actually climbed down that slope to get here! Daniel did most of the work. We just kept handing him kids saying, "Careful, careful!" over and over again.

This was the clay hill we had to shimmy across to get to the top of the water fall, before the climb down to the beach. The kids did great but Lindsey and I almost bailed. Seriously your walking across clay that can crumble under your feet and take you to your death. Okay so I guess you wouldn't die but it was quite a fall and it would hurt!

On the way down.

Daniel up in a tree. He is a monkey. He loves climbing trees.

Connor following Uncle Daniels example.

Like I said, these pictures are out of order. This is actually the first hill we climbed up from the beach. The white blur to your left is the ocean.
Our night visit to the beach.

Daniel climbing again but this time in the dark, on a huge rock, during high tide. Diana I don't know how you survived 5 boys!


Bob and Julie said...

Awesome pictures!! You guys are brave!! Those are some amazing hills and drop-offs!! I heard from Lindsey that you all had a super fun time! Did you get to play my Catan game?? I totally LOVE that game!!

Cami said...

What a lot of fun.

Nicole said...

Love Hug Point. Too bad you guys had to deal with high tide. If you ever get to go when there is a big minus tide, that is the best. You can walk down the beach forever.
I like the night picture; very pretty.

Stephanie said...

That's the game that Lindsey and I stayed up til 4am playing! We played seafarers and cities and nights all together. It was so much fun. Thanks!

Jeff said...

OK>>>We are moving to Bend! Everytime I see a picture of my sisters together I get a pit in my stomach. How I miss you guys. xoxo