Thursday, January 8, 2009


We had an amazing Christmas. Grandpa and Grandma Dewey surprised us and came down for the day. Isaiah couldn't have been more excited. My parents were already there, so he was a lucky kid that day.
He was very excited about his new Spidey pj's. I bought them a little in advance so I don't think they will fit for long:)

Here's the happy boy with both sets of grandparents

I thought this face was too funny. His Aunts got him a subscription to Ranger Rick. He was very excited!

He had to give dad a hug for this one. Star Wars IV, V, and VI!!!

Another winner from his dad. A box of cool rocks! If I was as smart as my SIL I would be able to have you click here and it would take you to the post of his rocks...but I'm not and I won't take the time to figure it out:)

I made these stockings when Isaiah was born. I even made Daniels before he was in our lives. I also have six more with blank names, who know, just in case;)

Isaiah and dad read the Christmas story out of the Bible before we opened presents. Just one of our traditions.

We had such a fun weekend full of walks, food, games, food, movies, food, and sitting around chatting. Who could ask for more!


Cami said...

Looks like such fun. Glad your back and we need to have Isaiah over sometime.

Erica said...

I love that Isaiah was excited over a box of rocks. Easy to please!! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas.

Bob and Julie said...

You really did have a great Christmas!!! I love that both grandparents were there. You had a FULL house...that's the BEST! I love your tree too! I can't believe that this is the graduation year...oh my!! :)

Jason, Rachel and Laneah said...

How fun. Glad you guys had a good Christmas.