Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years: Part II

After my sister and family left, we were able to enjoy some alone time with just our family. We had a really good time. We had a Star Wars marathon. Isaiah didn't quit make it but he tried so hard. We also went back to Hug Point to do some more exploring. It was so fun walking through the trails with all the bushes and trees around. It was a real adventure for Isaiah...and Daniel was pretty excited as well. After climbing a huge tree we finally made our way down to the beach for the sunset. It was lovely!

I thought this picture was pretty cool. They are actually standing on top of the water fall and the ocean behind them is really ten or fifteen feet down.

Isaiah bummed because I wouldn't let him go down by the water fall with Daniel. The waves kept coming too close in and with all the rocks around you really could get trapped. He'll have to wait and do those things when moms not around. The tree climbing was enough for me!

Dad and Isaiah up in the tree. My hands were literally shaking while I was taking the picture. I really have become quite a wimp in my old age:)

Mom and Isaiah looking out at the ocean. It was so peaceful and beautiful up there. There wasn't a soul in sight and the weather was quite nice.

Every time Daniel starts to freak me out with is adventurous spirit, I always remind him that I trust his judgment and know that he wouldn't do anything stupid to get hurt. I think he was pushing the envelope here. Can you believe how high he was? He came down and I began to explain my anxieties to him about climbing so high. His response was, "What, it's just like climbing a ladder?" Yeah like 80 feet up. I then reminded him that people fall off of ladders all the time. I don't think that phased him too much.

Views from the tree.

There's a fun conversation about this tree that went on between my sister and Daniel. It was quite funny because my sister was trying to make a nice analogy about strength in unity using the tree. Of course Daniel had his own analogy as well. Not quite the same:)


Bob and Julie said...

Wow!! You get my true admiration!! You are 900 times more adventurous than I am. You couldn't even pay me to do the things you guys did...and get that close to the edge!! Oh my!! I love the pictures though. So breathtaking.....I guess ones that only true adventurers would get!!

cdr said...

I'd like you to expand on Dan's anology. I bet it's fantastic! :-)

You took some incredible pictures. They all look great. I especially like the one of the waterfall/ocean.

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I never quite get the entire point of his analogies but it was a little like this.

My sister gave the analogy about strength in numbers.

Daniel: "Sometimes when trees grow all together like that their roots are actually weaker. Then when you cut down all the trees around them the tree could literally fall in a small wind storm."

At first we gave him a hard time because we basically thought he said the exact same thing Lindsey said but with more words. What he was really trying to say was the tree would have been better off growing alone in it's own space.

That's actually an interesting thought to ponder. hmmmm??

Jessica said...

That all looks very fun but I have become quite a wimp in my old age too.

Cool pics!!