Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday Salvation

With Isaiah being an only child, Sundays can sometimes be very tiresome for Daniel and I. We feel like chilling out and relaxing, but we have a six year old to keep busy with "Sunday appropiate" activities. When the weather is nice it is a lot easier. This last Sunday Daniel and I were both tired. We came home from church, ate lunch, and played monopoly Jr. with Isaiah. After all that it was only 2:00pm! The thought crossed my mind that we should all take a nice family nap, but for some reason I didn't follow through with it. Then at about 4pm Daniel said he didn't feel very good and he was going to lay down for a nap. Keeping in mind I felt very sorry for Daniel:), I tought, "man I am sooo tired." The only part of motherhood I claim genius for me, is my secret cupboard that I hide some of Isaiah's toys in. Now some of you may think that it sounds mean but hear me out. I put all his cool, mom or dad needs to help me with, toys up there. He forgets all about them. Then when I am desperate, I pull something out and it's like Christmas all over for him. He gets so super excited about the whole thing. Here is the lastest of the "saving mommy" toys we pulled out.

He just loved sitting there and watching that little boat go around and around. At the end of the video you can see him jump a little bit. He thought the boat was going to run into the shower curtain and set on fire. I asked him, "Isaiah do you remember who gave you this boat?" He said (sorry Charlotte), "Grandma Dewey!" I said, "No, remember your aunt Charlotte and Uncle Jeff brought it all the way back from Germany and gave it to you for Christmas." His response was, "I've always wanted to go to Germany!"

Thanks Charlotte for the very cool gift! You know it's cool if it makes it into the cupboard:)


Jessica said...

That toy cupboard is a great idea!!

Bob and Julie said...

Hilarious!! Oh my gosh...look at that kid watching that little boat...cracking up still!

Bridget said...

thanks for the grand idea. I'm going to swipe some of my kids favorite toys right now and put them in my secret spot!

cdr said...

I'm beaming with pride right now. Isaiah has always wanted to go to that's great! :-)I'm glad that little boat still works it's magic.