Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Fun

Well here is my first attempt to start our family blog (sorry I like pink). It is officially beginning to feel like summer weather. We are so excited because Daniel got a job right here in Corvallis so we don't have to move for the summer! I think Daniel is enjoying his break from school although there are pros and cons to work versus school. When he works he usually leaves the house around 6am and gets home around 6pm, but then he is done for the day so he can relax. When he is in school his schedule is more flexible depending on classes so there is always the occasional day where we can take off and do something in the middle of the day, but that usually causes late nights of studying. I sometimes feel guilty, but not too guilty, because Isaiah and I seem to get to do something fun almost everyday. We are really enjoying our summer. Don't feel too bad for Daniel though because sometimes fun days for kids are very tiring days for moms:) We are also planning a trip back to Crater Lake this year and I know Daniel is excited about that. Here are some pictures showing our summer fun so far.

This was actually in May but it was my first attempt at a triathlon. I have always enjoyed running so I thought it would be fun to expand my abilities. I had no idea how hard it was going to be! When I got off my bike to run my legs felt like jello. I did somehow manage to make it to the finish line (sorry about the spandex).

This was also in May but in my defense it was 90+ degrees outside, so in my mind it was summer. On the top is Isaiah and his friend preparing for our rafting trip down the Willamette River. We couldn't find Isaiahs' life vest so we had to borrow one from our neighbors who have a girl and a boy. Isaiah drew the short straw and had to wear the pink jacket but I think it grew on him. The water was freezing and about 8 feet higher than it normally is so I guess Daniel and I didn't think this one through too well. It wasn't until after we had floated down and got out that we realized how dangerous it was to be in the river that time of year. It was fun though and everyone got in the water....well almost everyone. Can you guess who stayed in the boat and just soaked in the rays? I even complained when the boys got back in the boat and dripped freezing cold water on me.

The picture on the bottom is of our nifty new slip'n slide. Isaiah was very excited about the double lanes made for racing. The center lane shot out water. His friend that he went rafting with came over and they raced for hours. I was pretty surprised they lasted that long given the red welts on their bellies. Sooner or later though the younger neighbor kids made their way over and starting walking up and down the center lane. Well as all slip'n slides go we sprung a leak and the slip'n slide has been in the garage ever since.

Isaiah started swim lessons this summer. He actually has been doing swim lessons with Daniel off and on for almost two years now but Daniel is getting too busy to go often enough to make Isaiah a future Olympic swimmer. Thanks to Daniels efforts though Isaiah does awesome in his lessons. The pictures of course don't show any instructors or great skill. This is what we get to do after each lesson. We go outside to "Otter Beach" and play. Isaiahs favorite part is the lazy river. He likes me to chase him around the fast moving waters. The picture of him going down the slide is his first attempt to go alone. Now he knows if you lay all the way back and point your toes like a rocket you will go faster.

Isaiah also started T-Ball this summer. You can see by the picture on the left his enthusiasm the first day of practice. I don't think he had that same enthusiasm in the pictures on the right when he found out he would have to wear Darth Vader's helmet and attempt to run bases. Daniel took a long lunch break so he could come and watch one of Isaiahs games. Half way through the game he said, "I don't think I'll be coming to many more of these this summer." I don't blame him though. It's pretty much a free for all when the kids hit the ball. All the kids dog pile onto the ball and when they get it they stand up and throw it in whatever direction they are facing when they stand. Isaiah gets in ready position and if the ball doesn't come to him he doesn't budge. Once he found out that even if you tag the runner he or she is not out, that was pretty much it for him. What's the point. They do have a short relay at the end of the games against the opposing team and that is how Isaiah determines if they have won or lost. So far, in Isaiah's mind, they are undefeated. I think we have a competitive one on our hands. I wonder where he gets that???

We went golfing for my 27th birthday this year. I am not very good but I love to golf. It was a beautiful day. A little hot for golfing but we had fun. Lindsey kept saying, "Are you ever going to let me drive the cart?" No way, that's my favorite part of golfing!

Doesn't Daniel look cute in his new Father's Day shorts?!?!

We don't quite know what Adam is doing but I felt special that he came to play with us. He usually doesn't go to these things and stays home with their four kids.

I think the picture of Lindsey and me was taken after Linds' had hit her ball into the bush/ditch at least three times:) Can the birthday girl say "BUGGY!"

July, 4th 2008

This is how our day started off. Needless to say my boys don't like taking pictures.

The day started to get better with candy and a little free political campaigning.

Isaiah showing more of his enthusiasm for baseball at his cousin Justins 8th birthday party at the park. He was born on the Fourth of July!

The night ended well with amazing fireworks and fun with the family at Oak Hills. We have gone for years and I think it's the best show around!


Nicole said...

Congrats on your first post. I think it's great you guys have a blog and I will be a frequent visitor.

The Foster Fam said...

Wow, looks like you have had a lot of fun and been pretty busy since we left last year. I am glad that we will be able to keep in touch through our blogs.

Tell your neighbors (our old neighbors) hello for us. Mae wants to move back into "the brown house" in Oregon. We had a great time there.


Cami said...

Yeah, I'm so glad that you started this.

Julie said...

Hi Steph! We LOVE your blog!! I just had to snoop because we love you guys...You have a such a fun family!! Sooo...we have been trying and trying to get Lindsey to do a blog but she won't listen to us!!! Hmmmm :)ha! Well...hopefully now that you have one...she'll come on over to the fun :) Maybe you can help her move along with it. She's the only Ordyna who doesn't have one yet! Don't listen to any of her excuses!

Oh, and we can't believe how big Isaiah is...he is soooo handsome! (actually to me he's still matter how old he gets)

Julie said...

oh yeah...just in case you don't know who Julie's the Adam's most beautiful and favorite sister (of course I'm the only I can that)