Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mckenzie River Rafting Trip

Before I start this post I must point out that I was completely against the bikini picture. I had a shirt on the whole time until we stopped at this point to jump off the cliffs. My one piece is thrashed and I have not purchased another one yet. I tried to put my shirt on for the picture but Daniel, stopped me and said, "Leave it off. There will come a day when we will be begging you to keep it on." Real sweet huh?

This last weekend we went white water rafting, class 2 and 3 rapids, with Daniel's friend Kirk. He's our friend who is living in the woods right now:) He is a really nice guy and Isaiah has a lot of fun with him. I wish I could have captured some pictures of Isaiah freaking out during the rapids, but if I had tried I would of lost the camera. Here are some pictures of fishing and floating down the river. It was a blast!

I found this net at a garage sale that morning and Isaiah and Daniel thought it was great. It was a good purchase because before the net we were dropping a lot of fish.

This is a little view of the water. It was so beautiful out there and we had great weather. Isaiah was enjoying it as well until we hit some major rapids (for him). After that he said, "Mom this is the worst day of my whole life!" He gets a little dramatic.

The fishing was definitely Isaiah's favorite part. That kid can't get enough of fishing. Daniel caught three and Isaiah was very excited for him. I know he wants to catch one so bad though. Every time he casts out he thinks he has caught something, usually it's moss or a stick.

Here's our major cliff jumping. I was too much of a wimp to jump off where Daniel did, so I climbed down onto the rock. The water was very cold but it was a lot of fun!

This is our friend Kirk. I don't know if you can see Isaiah's face very well but this is what he has been doing lately for pictures. At first it irritated me, but now it makes me laugh because he really does think he is funny. He is crossing his eyes and puckering his lips.


Christa said...

Stephanie you are so cute, I love your little bikini disclaimer. If I had your body I'd probably wear a bikini to church. Seriously.

Bob and Julie said...

What a fun day!! I'm glad noone hooked the boat and put a hole in it! Weeelll....glad you had the bikini top...the other alternative would not have been good at all!!..Way, way too much skin! :) Also, you are brave to jump off the rocks. Way to go

Crystal said...

steph you look SMOKIN' HOTT in that bikini of yours. DAAAAAAANG!! flaunt it, girl! :) tell daniel to shut it. lol. what a fun day!!!

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