Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daniel Is A Little Concerned

I kind of figured this is how my blogging would go. I wouldn't have enough time or desire to sit in front of the computer any longer than I already do, so I would get behind. I wanted to post some pictures of the Nehalem trip to see Grandpa Dewey, but I am still too slow at this so I won't have time tonight. I do however, want to attempt adding my first video clip.

Isaiah was cracking Daniel and I up tonight.....well he was making me laugh a lot, and I could tell by the look on Daniels face, he was laughing on the inside:) Isaiah has a really good memory, especially when it comes to music. He can hear a song once or twice and begin to memorize the words. He doesn't just memorize children's songs, he also memorizes longer songs. Two of his favorites are "Mary did you know?" by Clay Atkin, and "Waiting on the World to Change." by John Mayer. The part that concerns Daniel is he also likes musicals. Now that he is older and Daniel gives him a hard time about it, he will try and deny it if you ask. He just can't help himself though when he sits down to watch one. He'll either be jumping up and dancing, or singing along with the songs. His most recent favorite musical is "High School Musical." We borrowed it from my sister in Idaho and he loves it.

Isaiah watched it today and boy did it get him all hyped up. I was very ready for Daniel to come home so Isaiah had someone else to talk to. The second Daniel walked in the door Isaiah said, "Dad, are you ready to play with me?" Then for the next half an hour all I could hear was Isaiah's "noise" and Daniel piping in every now and then. They were working on a puzzle together and Isaiah sang all his favorite songs from High School Musical, non stop the entire time (mom, I am so sorry now I was such a loud talkative child).

This is a very short version of the very long day I had with my musical singing child!


Bob and Julie said...

Hey...he needs to go on America's Got Talent!! I LOVED the video clip!! What a cutie!!

I was also cracking up with your last post on the hippies! And..that Rock collection is the largest one I've seen!! If it does come to the point of you braiding your armpits and have to move...you're going to need an entire Uhaul just for the rocks!! :) I absolutely love reading your blog. You have so many fun things going on. You guys are all adorable!!

Cami said...

You were talking about this today. It is totally what I pictured him doing. Loved it!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, blogging is amazing!! I'm not sure how you found me, but awesome! I am totally going to add you and follow up on all your haps!
Your little boy is aDORable!! And that is so exciting to hear you got married and went to the temple and all that jazz.. so fun! Where are you living? I know you mentioned something about hippie ville, but I am not sure which one you are talking about:) Northern California? My husband Kirk went to school in San Luis Obispo where there are MILLIONS of hippies and armpit hair sporting people! Ha!
We are living back in southern Cal- San Clemente if you know where that is. We've been married for over a year and a half- met in Vegas where we were both living for a bit. I was stripping and ya know.. just kidding. I was dealing at a casino.. ok, kidding on that too. WELL!!! Tell me everything you have been up to and I am going to read up on you some more!
p.s. I saw Deborah the other week, she doesn't have a blog, but it was good catching up with her. Oh! And you should look up Melanie and Taryn from my blog and also Leslie! All the Hawaii girls are there:) Talk to you soon! You look fabulous by the way, still with your rockin bod!

Nicole said...

I haven't seen High School Musical, but I bet I would like Isaiah's version better.