Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rocks and Shells

I was never one as a child to collect anything, so I find it so interesting how Isaiah has developed a passion for collecting rocks. He loves searching for specials rocks to bring home to his collection! It's amazing how he can find the tiniest, coolest looking rock amongst thousands at the river. He always has a reason for why the rock he picked is special. When we go on walks or bike rides he will literally stop in his tracks if he thinks he has spotted a winner. He likes shells as well, but most of the shells he has were given to him by his Grandma Vrtiska and he mainly just likes looking at them and categorizing them. Here are some pictures of his piles of rocks and shells.

He's only five so if he keeps this up we are
going to have to have a special room for his collection.

He is so proud of his collection!

This is my all time favorite of his rocks. He says it is his rock from the wild. I just love it because he honestly thinks it came from the wild (which to him is Africa).

This is Mary's River. It is right behind the park where Isaiah has his T-Ball games. He likes to go down this path that leads to a little secluded spot with lots of room to run, play, and of course find more rocks. He thinks that we are the only ones that know about this spot, but I think he keeps forgetting the people that come down every now and then to let their dogs swim around. I just smile every time he says, "Mom, do you think we are the only ones that know where this place is?"

Isaiah also loves to skip rocks. He is actually getting pretty good. I think he thinks he is better than he really is though.

Isaiah has told me many things he wants to be when he grows up. When he was three he always wanted to be a missionary (I think that was more at the influence of Grandma Vrtiska:). Then when he turned four he wanted to be a doctor. Last time we were down at Mary's River he told me when he grew up he wanted to teach people how to skip rocks. Maybe when he turns six he will realize he can actually do all three, if he really wanted to! I love being a mom!


Crystal said...

my girls are OBSESSED with rocks too!! they collect them everywhere we go. but their favorite thing to do is to throw them in the water. isaiah is getting SO BIG! what a doll.

and i'm SO PROUD of you for getting this blog thing started!! i wondered if you were gonna do it. :) looks like you got it all figured out pretty well! i know that you mentioned that you may have some questions though, so please feel free to call anytime.

good job, girlie! can't wait to see more...

Crystal said...

ps...did you know that you can have your blog printed? i just found that out a few months ago and thought i'd pass on the info. i think of a blog as a family journal, so i love the idea of having it printed.

clintandleximorgan said... rocks. That's fun that Isaiah is getting into collecting them. I also enjoyed the pic below of my three fabulous cousins! I really miss seeing you guys. Hopefully by this time next year, it won't be such a distance between me and some of the coolest people. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Love to you and your family!