Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Craters of the Moon

Our next stop on our road trip was to my sister Mindy's house in Rexburg. We took a detour at Crater's of The Moon. I have driven by it several times and have always wanted to stop and explore. It was definitely worth the stop.

Isaiah liked the name of this cave and wanted a picture by it. I think he's pulling off the casual, contemplative look, very well.

This is the Indian Tunnel. It doesn't seem like much when you first make your hike into the entrance, but the further down you get, the more majestic it becomes. This was my favorite spot of the entire park. It makes you feel very small in a massive world.

I was so happy Isaiah endured the many stops we made along the paths to read every detail about the landscape around us. At first he just wanted to fly through the park so he could see his cousins, but he eventually got excited by what was around him.
Isaiah overlooking the park from atop the Inferno Cone.

I love all the rock formations.

This tree is along the path in, "The Devil's Orchard." The trees here were all infected with a non-native shrub called witches broom. Isaiah and I both thought they were very fascinating.

At the bottom of the Inferno Cone.

This was my favorite tree in the entire park! Apparently the trees there learned to adapt to the weather in order to survive. This tree has survived the wind and snow by bending and twisting along with it, rather than pushing against it. The result is the above picture. I like it because to some the tree may seem dead, but the reality is, it is still alive because it was adaptable.

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HEH said...

Hello Daniel, Stephanie, and Isaiah! I found my way to this blog while searching info about Crater Lake. You guys leave an adventurous life and the places you visit are fascinating!

I'd someday love to visit Craters of the Moon with my own family. I have no patience trying to fish and teach my three children how, but Daniel and Isaiah have inspired me to try again someday!

Thanks for sharing your pictures.