Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day!

Today was declared a snow day and Isaiah doesn't have school! He doesn't even know it yet because he still resting his sweet little head. I say sweet because, well one he is sweet, and two I am having a nice peaceful morning in my office watching the snow fall doing various things. As Daniel was leaving for work around 5:45am I stirred and decided to say good-bye to him (something I don't get to do too often). He went outside and came back in and said it was snowing. I decided I should get up and check the Internet to see if Isaiah's school was cancelled then so I could go back to sleep if he didn't. I checked and he didn't. Yes! I love no school days. Well I went to go rest my pretty little head all ready for a cozy sleeping morning and guess what? I couldn't sleep! I decided to get up and do all those things I like to do without noise; reading, writing, blogging, thinking:) It has been a great morning. Now that I have done all those things I look forward to Isaiah waking up and seeing his excitement at the snow and his even more excitement that he has a FREE day. Although it's never a free day around here lately. With my gimp of a left leg he will have chores to do. All the things I have been waiting to get done that involve carrying things or pushing things (laundry and vacuuming), might just get done today:) Don't worry sisters who think I am so hard on Isaiah. He will get plenty of play time in first:) Hopefully I can post some pictures later. My computer was taken away along with my job (bitterness was implied here), so I am operating from Daniel's laptop. I can download pictures onto his laptop but I haven't decided if I want to mess with that yet. We'll see.

One other little story I wanted to share from yesterday. We were getting ready for school, and I say we because I seem to do a lot of the getting ready part. Anyway I saw a shadow walk past our front window. If any of you know me, you know that I scare easily. My heart jumped into my chest knowing that Daniel did not lock the front door when he left (something we discuss quite often). Being the wimp that I am I snuck over to the door to lock it only to see a little boy staring in at me through the window. I didn't recognize him so I called Isaiah over and told him a kid was at the door for him. He came and told me it was Gabe. I know Gabe. Apparently Gabe walks down from where his bus is supposed to pick him up so he can wait and ride with Isaiah every morning. I guess Gabe must have arrived early so he decided to walk down to our house to get Isaiah. I invited him in to wait while Isaiah was finishing brushing his teeth. He came in and looked around for a bit while he waited for Isaiah. As they were leaving Gave looked at me and said, "You have a really beautiful home." I told him thank you and sent them down to the bus stop. After they left I sat down and looked around pondering his comment. I have never viewed my home as a beautiful home. I do my best to keep it clean and tidy but I often find myself complaining about how old everything is and how brown everything is. This little boy completely humbled me. I have seen the outside of his house and it doesn't look much different form ours. It makes me wonder what it was that caused him to think our house was beautiful. Was it just the fact that it was clean and warm, or does this kid just have a knack for interior decorating? When I was younger I thought about being a mom A LOT. One of the things that I knew I wanted was for my kids' friends to feel comfortable in my home and I wanted my home to be the place they wanted to be. I figured if I could create that kind of an environment; one, my kids would be happy, and two, I could keep a close eye on them as they played with their friends:)

I don't know really know why I shared that story other than it has been on my mind since yesterday. It really caused me to reflect on all the things that I have been blessed with and that I really don't have a lot of room to complain. It's also caused me to think about what I can do to help others who are not in the same situation as I am. Isaiah has a lot of friends that I know could use a little more love and attention. I do try to make them feel welcomed and special when they are at our house but I'm always wondering if there is more that I can do.


Joseph and Ivy Waite said...

Yay for snow days! The morning had the same effect on me--getting up early to write and think. It's amazing what a little change from the norm can do. Sorry to hear about your job and your foot. Hope it is feeling better! Give me a call today if Isaiah doesn't turn out to be as hard of a worker as you were hoping!

Bridget said...

You are such a thoughtful, loving momma Steph. I just adore you!

cdr said...

I love all of the updates on your blog. Thanks for posting them!