Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blue and Gold Banquet

Isaiah had his first Blue and Gold Banquet tonight. All the cub scouts had to make their own cake. Isaiah wanted to do Sponge Bob. I think he did a pretty good job (with only a little help with brainstorming on how to put him together from his mom).
Isaiah walking in for the flag ceremony. He always has his hands in his pockets!

He received the "silliest cartoon character award."
All the boys with their awards and prizes.

There were some pretty cool and creative cakes.

The boys had learned a cub scout song they were performing for us. Isaiah always has to check with his friend Gavin to make sure it's "cool" for him to do the hand motions. It's funny to watch those two when they have to perform.

They had a fun craft activity as well.

The boys were trying to construct an archway using sugar cubes and frosting. Some worked, most did not. :)

Overall it was a nice and enjoyable night!

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