Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Isaiah's First 50!

It has been a rare morning for me this summer to be up earlier than Isaiah. I should be working right now because we are leaving for Yellowstone Park in 2 days but I can't resist getting one last post in before we go. Isaiah had a swim meet in Lincoln City yesterday. I was hesitant to sign him up for this one due to all the things we need to get done before we go and it being an hour and a half drive. This would be his last meet of the summer so I decided to just do it. Up until now Isaiah has only been racing 25's. He has been learning flip turns and I saw the other day in practice that he is actually quite good, (much better than his mom who has also been practicing but making a fool of herself in a public place). I decided to sign him up for one 50 this race. 50 freestyle. I figured out of all the strokes that would be the easiest for him to do. He was not happy about this. He gets really nervous when he tries new things. I was trying to explain to him that at practice he swims 50's all the time but he wasn't having it. So for an hour and a half drive I had to figure out ways to distract this little boy from what he was envisioning as the drive to his death. The Box Car children worked for a moment but the closer we got the more whining I was hearing (I don't do well with whining). I finally broke and played I spy with him, (also not my favorite game to play). This however is his favorite car game and it kept him busy the ENTIRE 45 minutes left. Once we were at the pool I turned him over to his coach and went and sat up above with the other moms.

I was bummed because I didn't get the start of the race. There was a slide in the way of lane 2 so I didn't see Isaiah on the starting block. I thought he was in heat 2 but apparently I was wrong. I also wasn't in very good filming position. I was so proud of him for just diving in and doing it even though he was nervous. More importantly he was super proud of himself. He came straight up to the observation deck with a big smile on his face. Proud mom moment for me, very proud:)

One of my favorite races is still the butterfly. It makes me smile every time I watch him. I think you'll get what I mean when you see the video.

Isaiah just woke. 9am! I think he was a little tired. He swam two races and participated in his first 100 relay. It was so cute to see them all try and figure out who was going to swim what stroke. Each child started calling out their stroke and of course butterfly was the last one left and Isaiah hadn't made his claim. Isaiah, "Oh man!" It was too funny. In the end they ended up doing an all freestyle relay. We then had a little gathering on the freezing beach and then headed home. It was by far the most fun swim meet we have attended this summer!


Stacey said...

umm adorable! Can we say future olympian?? Go Isaiah! I don't think I could do that. Steph I want to see your flip turns, that visual made me laugh, i would probably hit the wall and sink. :)

Bridget said...

You tell that boy that he rocks! I am so impressed with his swimming ability and his mental ability. See you in a few!

Stephanie said...

Stacey: Yeah don't ever show up at Osborne around 4pm. I just pretend like nobody can see me since I am wearing goggles, and get this...a swim cap. Yeah it's pretty hot!:)

Bridget: You are so sweet. You can tell him in two days though! Woo hoo!

Kristin said...

I don't know how he does the butterfly! I hated that stroke... Way to go Isaiah!

nicole said...

Congrats to Isaiah.
Sam enjoyed the video.

eyre blog said...

oh man i went to my niece and nephew's swim meet this summer and bawled like a baby. one of them has one strong arm and one weak one like nemo! it was so cute to watch. can't wait to see what happens when my kids start competing. good to catch up!