Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Dewey's House

We had a reunion for the Vrtiska side of our family this summer at Yellowstone National Park (post coming soon). We were able to stop along the way and have a quick visit with Grandpa and Grandma Dewey. It was way too short but we had a good time while we were there. It was nice to break up the long drive to Yellowstone as well.

Isaiah got to try his hand at driving. I love this picture because it shows so perfectly what kind of driver he was. He was very nervous and cautious. No joking around with this kid.

Daniel set up a course and we each had a turn to see who could drive the fastest around the course.
I think I know where Isaiah gets his cautiousness from. Daniel had no fear on the lawn mower so of course he was the winner.

Isaiah running away from Daniel. It was funny because the lawn mower really can't go that fast but Isaiah was still nervous Daniel was going to get him just because of the noises Daniel would make.

Isaiah acting like Darth Vader with his helmet.

Later that evening Daniel and grandpa went out to the field to move some pipe. Isaiah ran after them wearing grandpa's irrigation boots. I think they were a little too big. Who knows, maybe some day he will fit them? It's hard to imagine that!

After the pipe was moved grandpa went to turn the water on.

As soon as the water started to trickle out Daniel and Isaiah prepared themselves for a water fight.....

.....getting some more water pressure....

.....a little more.....

......full blast!

Isaiah soaked Daniel.

Daniel cheated and used his height advantage over Isaiah to pick him up to get him back.

They managed to still walk away as friends.
We love visiting G&G in Idaho. Next time we need to stay longer than one day!
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Jessica said...

What a cheater! Daniel's lucky Isaiah forgave him. :)

Bridget said...

You got some great pictures in there Steph! I love that one looking through the fence at your boys walking away. The lighting was perfect! Fun to see how you all play too. :)

Erica said...

Beautiful pictures!

jamieschip said...

Steph, glad you found me (and thanks for voting, too!) Your family is beautiful. Isaiah is such a big boy, and so handsome. Looks like he's athletic, like his mom. Love the swimming and basketball pics.

Yeah, this whole lung cancer thing totally caught us by surprise. I'm just glad it was operable, and hopefully it won't come back. Let's definitely keep in touch. (What would we do without blogs?!) Take care.