Thursday, June 3, 2010

We decided to head out and go fishing for Memorial Day weekend. We went about 40 miles east looking for a fishing hole along the South Santiam River. The Salmon were swimming upstream so it was supposed to be a great time to go. We found a great spot but unfortunately it was already occupied by some locals. The told us of another hole right down the path but we would most likely only catch trout. (I don't think any of us were really thinking we would ever catch salmon anyway. We headed down the path and there was this huge fallen tree in the way. I went first and crossed right over it. Isaiah went next but he decided he wanted to walk down it. Just as Daniel was saying, "Careful bud it might be a little..." and whoosh right off the log Isaiah went down the bank and right into the river. I saw it all out of the corner of my eye and two thoughts quickly crossed my mind. The first was I hope he didn't land on any rocks and the second was I am SO glad he is on swim team and becoming a stronger swimmer. He climbed right out and was fine but then started to cry because of the shock of it all, (I'm sure the water was just a tad cold as well:).

Here he is shivering a bit from the cold.
Daniel gave him his long sleeve shirts to wear. At first he was not too excited about looking like he was wearing a dress, but I think he felt much better once he was out of his wet clothes.
Now he has a fishing pole in his hand and ready to go!
We love Daniel! He always gets us all set up before he starts fishing. I mention this in my blog because I know that he really thinks we should be able to do this ourselves but he also knows I like it when he does it for me:) What a sweetheart huh?
After a few hours of fishing and catching nil, Daniel took a little nap. The sun was shining and it was so quiet and peaceful where we were.
Isaiah was happy to get to listen to my ipod. Not a privilege he gets very often.
I think I slept the longest out there. I love to fish but after an hour of not a single nibble I was done. I must say I had quite a nice nap. Isaiah and Daniel fished the whole time.
I was very impressed with Isaiah this trip. We got there at about 9am and left around 3pm. He never complained once about being bored and he even started fixing his own snags and tangles!
Great trip, no fish. Better luck nect time kiddo. Mom and dad just need to figure out what we are doing out there!

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Stacey said...

Oh my gosh! That would have freaked me out. He is so cute. Sounds like a relaxing day of fun.