Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That's all there is, there is no more!

The last Vrtiska girl is married off! I can't believe my baby sister is married! I am so happy for her and thought she looked gorgeous on her special day.

We took her to The Melting Pot for her bachelorette party.

I think this face displays both excitement with a touch of nerves for the day to come.

Half of my crazy sisters.

And here is the rest!

This picture doesn't display the shaking hands of both the bride and the photographer (me)!
I was so darn emotional! Good thing she has other sisters to help her keep it together.

Debora was such a trooper. This girls ready to deliver any day now!

Of course I am Obsessed with shoes, so here are the brides...

Check Spelling
....and some of the bridesmaids.

The kids waiting ever so patiently for the bride to be ready.

some of the patience is leaving now...

....okay we're ready already!

After the ceremony one of the chickies pulled the fire alarm.

Don't worry tax dollars well spent. All the kids got some free fireman stickers!

Our big family photo.

Our new brother-in-law. Now we have two Daniel's!

Two peas in a pod.

Monica Vrtiska Long and Stephanie Vrtiska Dewey. The last two girls with the Vrtiska name.

I have to give some recognition to my mom for planning, preparing, and pulling off eight weddings in 18 years! She is one amazing lady!


Jessica said...

Those are great pictures! What a fun wedding it was, I'm sure!!

Bridget said...

Darling post. I love the pic of Isaiah after the firemen had came and handed out stickers and your comment, "don't worry..tax dollars well spent. the kids got stickers!" You crack me up. I miss you already! I was sad I didn't get to visit more with your fam...esp Isaiah. I talked to him for like 30 seconds the entire trip! Crazy. Love you!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

How fun! Your sister is beautiful! Now wait though- how many sisters do you have?? 8 for reals?? I am amazed! You look great by the way Steph and your family is beautiful too!

Heidi and Matt said...

Looks like a wonderful day!!! I saw you at church a couple months ago (april) in hillsboro and was excited to come talk to you, but you left! :(
Hope life is good!!!

Lindsey said...

Way to be on top of it! Can i just copy and paste to my blog? :)

Bob and Julie said...

Ahhhh...Monica is so beautiful!! I love all the fun pictures. You all look so great! That is hilarious about the fire alarm. I'm glad to hear my taxes went to good use...those stickers are awesome! :)

Showmethesale said...

WOW! How awesome is that??? Your youngest sister is married now. That's WAY COOL!

(great photos by the way--and I LOVE THE SHOES!)

Kudos to your mom as well. . . 8 weddings in 18 years would land me in the hospital emergency room SEVERAL times over!

You and your youngest sister look so much alike. . . both gorgeous!

Mocanoe said...

Stephanie! I love these pictures, please please please email me all your pictures! I can't wait to put together my shutterfly wedding album! Thanks for adding to my amazing day!!!

Crystal said...

hey girl!! it's been a while...how are you?! i can't believe little miss monica is a married woman now. crazy! she looks so beatiful, and so do you and your gorgeous sisters. ya got some great pics!