Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just A Thunder Storm

We had a thunder and lightning storm pass through here on Thursday. It was really exciting for Isaiah because he has never seen lightning before that he can remember. He was taking a nap and woke up from the noise.

The rain came down for a solid 20 or so minutes in buckets. It was still warm outside so all the rooftops had steam rising off.

Our culd-a-sac flooded and it knocked the basketball hoop down.

After the rain let up a little Isaiah felt brave and wanted to go out. He is standing on the sidewalk in this picture.

I laughed so hard here. There was a crack of thunder just as I was taking this shot and it sent Isaiah running into the house.

Here's a little video of the rain, thunder, and lightning. It was a cozy little storm.


Cami said...

I can totally see Isaiah running in. Wish I got some pictures of it.

Jessica said...

Cool pictures!!

Crystal said...

hi again. :) hey, thanks for your nice comments of brookies pictures...that girl is a character! LOL.

so wasn't this storm INSANE??! i swear it was right on top of us! i later heard on the radio that a car was hit on lancaster (about 5 mins from my house) and it completely flipped upside down! isn't that nuts?!!

Crystal said...

ps...ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS photo on your header of you, the hubby, and isaiah! stunning.

Erica said...

I actually do sometimes miss the Oregon rain; I just hate it when it hangs around for 6 months :)

BTW, beautiful green dress!