Friday, August 29, 2008

Nap Time!

Now I do not recommend this method of putting your child to sleep, but I have to admit that it was a lot of fun. When Isaiah goes to sleep. either at day or at night, he listens to music. His favorite is primary music but I have found that it keeps him up longer because he wants to wait until the CD is done so he can listen to all his favorite songs. I started putting classical music in, as I think it is more soothing and relaxing to fall asleep to. One of the CD's starts off with a song that Isaiah dubs as "scary," and therefore it ruins the whole CD for him. I was so disappointed because I really love this CD, and my true hopes are that it will inspire him to become a great musician! :) Here is a video of Isaiah's reaction to the "scary" song we tried again today.

If you're wondering about the giant king size mattress behind Isaiah's bed, just ask Daniel next time you see him. He thinks it's a great storage spot even though it slumps halfway over Isaiah's bed. I guess it is kind of a home made canopy right???

Well I decided after about ten minutes of this madness it was time to calm down and actually go to sleep. I was a little nervous that I had ruined my chances at a break for the day. I put in Yanni, which is his second favorite CD, and this is how I found him only five minutes after leaving his room!

I guess a little play time before naps works out good for Isaiah. It definitely wore him out!


Bob and Julie said...

Oh my goodness...he had me cracking up!! He was Rockin Out to classical...I love it!! It looks like you have a Mick Jaggar junior...but...stuck with classical music....the screen lickin gave it all away! Oh...and I love the mattress out Pottery Barn Kids!!!

Mocanoe said...

Ok the funniest part of the video was all I could see was YOU, Stephanie, at his age... Yes, maybe a little darker and a boy, but ISAIAH is YOU! I just kept thinking of "just remember, she's good," and our other little home video creations. Seriously, it's crazy how similar you two are!

Stephanie said...

I know we are both loud and dorks:)

{Chels and Zach} said...

Hey, this is Zach! We just saw you and Monica have a blog. Where are the other Vrtiskas? You guys look good!

eyre blog said...

I love this!