Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corvallis Knights Game

My cousin Roman and his wife Kim took me, Isaiah and Gavin, Isaiah's friend, to a Corvallis Knight's came tonight. We had so much fun. The weather was great and the Knight's played so well.

This is a big change for Isaiah from a year ago. He was so scared of Benny the Beaver and Chuckie Cheese.

Isaiah caught a fly ball! No not really. A guy on the other side of the bleachers caught it and Isaiah asked him if he could have it. What a nice guy!

This picture is so blurry but I thought it was cute that all the kids were getting autographs. One of the players gave Gavin a ball so they were both excited. Gavin and Isaiah play on the same baseball team together. They ran into their coach Mickey at the game. They were both so excited to show him the baseballs they got and they asked him if they could use them in their next game.

At the end of the game all the kids got to go down on the field and run the bases. I didn't get the first part of Isaiah running and I turned on my camera right after Isaiah got stampeded by a bunch of kids on third base. He and another kid fell down and got ran over by a couple of kids!

We had a great night! Thanks Roman and Kim.


cdr said...

Your night sounds like fun. I love going to baseball games!

Daniel and Monica Long said...

Thanks for talking to me while you were at the game! :)